Conquest of Japan

Conquest of Japan Screenshots

Amiga version

System options.
Title screen.
The story so far...
Start options.
Main game map.

Conquest of Japan Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Control options: language selection and even keyboard type like QWERTY, QERTZ etc is configurable
Call to arms: choose reaction
Difficulty and player menu: both parties can be configured like city size, city form and so on, which is basically the difficulty of the game or - in multi-player game - the handicap
The city map in the beginning. We as "diamond" side should move north to the "circle" cities
Ingame options
The current city and army status is quite even. This will change soon
The diamonds are coming and attacking our city! Defend!
City raid title picture
Fighting screen. First option is a no go...
Our defending army in base position. We can order the different unit types to different locations or attacking certain types of the opposite army
The enemy army is moving into position. This is animated - in a very very slow animation
We outnumber them on spears, so how to take advantage from this?
Set a general formation
Terrain overview - some of our troops are moving forward, the rest is staying in formation behind

Conquest of Japan Screenshots

DOS version

Setup - Samurai the way of the warrior (VGA)
Impressions Logo (VGA)
Introduction (VGA)
Title Screen (VGA)
Title - Samurai: the way of the warrior (VGA)
A Call to Arms (VGA)
Game Setup Screen (VGA)
Main Game Screen (VGA)
Armies Info Screen (VGA)
Battle Cutscene (VGA)
Formations Selection Screen (VGA)
Tactical Battle Screen (VGA)
One of your cities is under attack! (VGA)
Setup - Samurai the way of the warrior (EGA)
Introduction (EGA)
Title - Samurai the way of the warrior (EGA)
A Call to Arms (EGA)
Game Setup Screen (EGA)
Main Game Screen (EGA)