Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title.
The minstrel tells the story in song.
Bad guys sneaking up on King Richard.
King Richard has been captured!
King Richard stands before his captor.
Start of the game in Robin's cave.
The camp.
In the woods.
Talking with Little John.
The map.
The widow.
The archery range.
The control panel.
Improving your archery skills.
A poor woman is being bullied!
At the camp at night.
Marian is in trouble!
In Nottingham disguised as a beggar.
Lobb the cobbler.
Secret meeting with Lobb.

DOS version

Title screen
Part of the credits
Lionheart in trouble...
Our cast of characters
Each day begins here
This is your hidden camp
This is the general map of Nottinghamshire...
...and this is the map of Nottingham Town. You can venture to all the locations you see marked on both maps, plus more
Uh oh, looks like some trouble here!
Visiting the widow's house
Some target practice
Hmm, what can be spotted from the lookout?
Arriving in a village, disguised
An action sequence
View of a monastery
I visited a house in the town and then decided to quit. The message is written in a fitting style - as it is usually the case with Sierra games
A cutscene with a long, beautifully written conversation
Something vague this way comes...
Visiting a mighty oak in Sherwood forest. I'm so impressed that I decide to open the interaction menu!
Better fast talk your way out of this...
This guy isn't very nice...
Enjoying a wonderful view near the castle, opening the inventory, and examining one of the objects
Sneak into the castle
A gemstone riddle. It is supposed to require you to read the manual, but you can get through with trial-and-error as well. Still, read the manual! It's really well-written
An elaborate death scene! You failed, and your friends bemoan your demise in a... somewhat particular way
There is quite a bit of humor in the game, and it's not always intended for children!
Visiting the beautiful abbey
Local pub looks lively...
A few locations are presented as such overhead maps
You can actually read every scroll you see here. They contain a wealth of information
Talking with Marian
So now you have to become a gargoyle specialist, too?..
An archery contest!
There is some money management in the game. A few situations require you to decide how much money you want to give to another person
Take aim...
Laundry room in an abbey. Cozy feeling, right?..
Don't worry, this maze is by far not as bad as it looks like!
Running from trouble...
Playing a strategy mini-game Nine Men's Morris with a guy in a tavern!
At the fair. George Bush is here?!
Rescuing Marian
The Queen's Knight is locked away in this tower
In the monastery
Rescuing the widow's sons
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Your hidden camp (EGA/Tandy)
Care for some target practice? (EGA/Tandy)
Riding a boat off to the monastery (EGA/Tandy)
Now to get out of here... (EGA/Tandy)
A secret passage... (EGA/Tandy)