Contender Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The opening movie from the Japanese version shows various characters/different "stories".
"Fu*k off baldie perv!"
She has talent to be a boxer...
Title screen (Japanese version).
Opening movie from the North American version... You will only see two boxers.
Title screen (US version).
Main menu (Japanese).
Main menu (US).
Option (Japanese).
Options (US).
Exhibition... Selecting a boxer (Japanese). All the following images are from the Japanese version, ok?
Female boxer...
There are various cameras to choose from.
Versus male boxer... is this even fair?
When you give a "virile" punch, a replay will be played automatically.
Seems a weak dude after all. For shame...
You can see the whole replay after each round.
Replay. Various options as you can see.
One of the cameras. I'll punch you mo-fo!
Very close...
"You win". Those eyes...
Main event. Select new boxer.
Sparring, Lesson, Match make...
Sparring partner.
Easy lesson I must say...
Match make office. To reach the "World" I will have to fight quite a lot.
First opponent!
Yes, he's a pussy...
Comment is not necessary...
"Push!" ... Suddenly I'm in trouble. But no worries.
Ringside Report.
Second opponent is a lady from China or something... I promise I will be a gentleman. <3
I told ya. Towel = T.K.O.
... in the name of "love at first sight" ...
No, this is not humiliating.
Demo. "Press start button!" (Just an excuse to show this beauty.)
Ok, now just to finish... few more US images. "Select new boxer".
... vs Mr. Hairy chest.
Alexa Andersen... so... it seems that the Japanese version has more beautiful women. There's no even comparison.