Continental Circus Screenshots

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Amiga version

Continental Circus Title
Best Players List
Course No.1 - Brazil
Starting Brazil GP
Engine smoking.
2nd hit destroyed the formula one.
Didn't Qualify
Pitstop at Brazil GP
Course No.2 - America
Start at America GP
Come on, where is the blue flag?
Raining at America GP

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
First course
At the start line
Advancing opponents
A dangerous curve
Ups... Game over
High scores

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Ready to race.
The circuit of Brazil.
Start of the race.
In the pits.
Keep going.
It's raining... change your tires
Our car
In Pit, "save" my engine
Course 7 - Mexico

Atari ST version

Title screen
The first race map
Is anyone else tempted to start early and run the bimbo over?
And we're underway
Made contact with another car
This is what happens if you don't pit....
A spin followed by an explosion
My poor old-fashioned baby, you're out of time
You get 5 continues though
About to restart the race,f rom the 91st place I'd achieved
Pitstop required
I moved up to 80th, but didn't finish the course, so try again
Mde it through to the checkered flag, but only just
Your final rank in one race carries over to the start of the next
Making progress on race 2 in the USA
Well inside that top 60 target so far
Needing to pit again
Pulling onto pit road
Out of time

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Viewing the next track
About to start
About to overtake another driver
After collisions, you don't accelerate too well for a while
Sharp turn
This doesn't look good...
About to pass a checkpoint

MSX version

Title screen
Options screen
Get ready...
Gear down in turns...
Game over. Continue?
In the pit
Spinning around after a collision

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen and credits
Hi-score table. The game alternates between this and the game menu.
The game menu. Action key definition takes place in the lower half of this screen
The first circuit, Brazil. To progress the player must qualify higher than 80
About to start the qualifying lap. The pit bunny displays a sign saying '5 Secs' then sprints out of the way which is a nice touch
The race has started. Nice to see some attempt at authentic scenery, i.e. the Christ of the Andes shape on the horizon
Made contact with another car and took critical damage immediately. The other car will spin off the track and to correct the damage the car must make a pit stop
There are many pit stops around the track, indicated by a 'P' sign. All the player has to do is stop here and the mechanics come out, fix the car, and even wave as the player leaves
The game helpfully indicates just how good / bad the lap was. Here the player failed to complete a lap
The race is won.
The 2 circuit, America.
The 3 circuit, France.
The race in the rain.
The 4 circuit, Monaco.
The 5 circuit, Germany.
The 6 circuit, Spain.
Even if the time has elapsed is still possible to reach the finish line by inertia.
The 7 circuit, Mexico.
The higher the speed, the more inevitable accident.
The 8 circuit, Japan.
You're an F1 Champion.