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Windows version

You start the game by dying.
Immediately a Game Over. Would you like to continue?
The ties with the game world are cut.
A meditative moment in a boat
The main campfire area where other characters encourage you to find peace.
The blue cube to the right provides currency.
This truck takes you to the next area.
Standing near a sacrifice.
Clues about a quest
The first run of the garbage collection program is here.
A side-scrolling challenge
A door has been opened.
A dungeon crawler challenge
The effects of the garbage program are visible in the environment.
A challenge entirely in red
Area cleared and prayers achieved.
Moving on to the next area.
Empty stalls
A challenge on a platform with multiple enemies
Reminiscing about childhood.
The main town area with the shelters
Lightning destroyed your shelter, find a new one quickly.
Game Over
Pause and menu screen
A shady area with many bars
Another fighting challenge
No characters around to talk to.
Inside a room, choosing between lightning and prayer.
A Space Invaders challenge
A room with priests?
Watching a car burn.
Only 38 seconds left to find four scarecrows.
Another part of the town
You failed the area and now you have to choose a box that will determine how many shelters you'll lose.
Death, awaiting the end.