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PlayStation 5 3.5
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PlayStationBravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Wer auf schwere Waffen und Science-Fiction-Monster steht, greift zu.
PlayStationGamezilla (1997)
Contra: Legacy of War is another good title in one of the longest running game lines in all of the gaming world. For fans of the previous Contra titles, you will not be disappointed. The two-player mode makes this game. Without it, it would not be nearly as good. The game is very difficult and you will find yourself frustrated more than once. The seemingly endless number of bosses on each level is a bit ridiculous, but if you do somehow manage to survive, you can definitely say you earned it. The slowdown and sometimes-quirky controls keep this from being a great title, but it is definitely a good one worth checking out.
PlayStationVideo Games (Feb, 1997)
Empfehlen möchte ich Contra: Legacy Of War nur Fans der Serie und Leuten, die sich von einem mittelgroßen Frustfaktor nicht abschrecken lassen. Von der Güte her liegt Contra mit Lone Soldier etwa gleichauf.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Was anfangs noch wie ein nettes, wenn auch hartes Actiongame wirkt, entpuppt sich bei längerem Zocken als Ballerspaß mit kleinen Tücken. Selbst zu zweit kann das Geballere nicht so recht überzeugen, was nicht zuletzt auch auf den beinharten Schwierigkeitsgrad zurückzuführen ist. Wenn man einen gesamten Level inklusive Zwischen- und Endgegner mit einem Leben durchzocken muß und man nur bis zu neun Treffer aushält, sorgt das zuweilen für Frust. Die Grafik ist bei alledem ja noch recht hübsch geworden, der steile Sichtwinkel, in dem man auf den weiteren Weg blickt, ist jedoch sehr ungünstig gewählt. Der Spieler sieht kaum, was als nächstes auf ihn zukommt Die vier veschiedenen Charaktere, die ihr eigenes Waffenrepertoire haben, sorgen zwar für etwas Abwechslung, doch fehlt Contra noch eine gute Portion Gameplay, um wirklich zu fesseln. Da hilft auch der Gag mit dem 3D-Modus nichts, der zusammen mit der beigelegten 3D-Brille gespielt werden kann.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Jan, 1997)
Legacy is a solid action title, but it's flaws keep it from being a real contender.
PlayStationElectric Playground (Mar 28, 1997)
Contra: The Legacy of War will look good sitting next to all the other Contra games in your library but it really won't be stretching your appreciation for the future of videogames much.
PlayStationGameSpot (Dec 23, 1996)
The Contra saga started nearly ten years ago in the arcades. With two-player simultaneous action, multiple weapons, and extremely hectic gameplay, it rocketed to the top of everyone's wish list when it was translated to the 8-bit NES. Contra quickly became a legend, spawning sequels all the way up to Contra 3: The Alien Wars on the SNES. Now Contra enters the 32-bit age with Legacy of War. It drops the side-scrolling motif completely, and instead favors a top-down perspective. The game also features a silly 3-D mode, which requires the super-flimsy red/blue 3-D glasses packaged with the game. If a second player wants to experience 3-D action, however, you'll have to dig up a spare pair of 3-D specs because the game only comes with one set. Not surprisingly, the game's 3-D effects aren't that good, and will probably make your head hurt after a few hours, so sticking with the normal mode is the best bet in the long run.
PlayStationGaming Target (Dec 05, 2002)
The precision jumping required to dodge all of the enemy fire and to successfully navigate some of the platforms just isn't there. I'll say it a third time: the jumping is awkward and kills this game. The rest of the controls are a little rough, trying to run circles around an alien is sometimes a chore, but they're nowhere near as awkward as the jumping.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
Contra is a decent game, but it's nothing like its 16-bit predecessors. If you want some real Contra action, just pull out your SNES or Genesis.
PlayStationEdge (Jan, 1997)
It’s ten games in ten years for Konami’s Contra series: a bloodline of shoot ‘em ups which debuted in the arcades back in 1987. However, discounting the various conversions on NES, Mega Drive and Game Boy, it turns out that this is the fifth original Contra game. It is the first, though, to break in a major way from the simple left-right scrolling formula. The 1992 SNES original Contra III: The Alien Wars (aka Super Probotector) introduced a few top-down scrolling levels, but everything was still firmly in two dimensions. Contra: LOW has, for better or worse, embraced the world of polygons and gone for the full 3D treatment.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Mar 08, 2011)
In the end, Contra: Legacy of War is yet another example of a series that tried to make the leap of 3D but fell flat on its face.