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Congratulations! You've designed the best run-and-gun platformer in the universe. Consider yourselves heroes. NES J. P. Gray (111)
20 years later, Contra still shines like a brand new shell casing. NES DarkBubble (370)
A freaking good old action shooter NES Bregalad (948)
If you haven't played this game yet, I feel sorry for you. NES Jeff Koerner (32)
Contra, No Iran NES ETJB (447)

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Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 11 3.2
Arcade 11 4.0
Commodore 64 10 3.1
DOS 11 3.2
DoJa Awaiting 5 votes...
MSX 10 3.5
NES 78 4.2
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii U Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox 360 10 3.7
ZX Spectrum 10 2.7
Combined User Score 151 3.8

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NESRetro Game Reviews (Dec 27, 2014)
The smooth controls, impressive level design and variety are key to what makes Contra such an amazing game. The addition of co-op play is a huge plus for an NES title and Konami should be applauded for making a game that is practically flawless in all areas.
100 (Aug, 2011)
is it a good game? Yes, I think so. Even if I set my nostalgic blinders on pause, I still feel it’s worthy of most of the praise heaped upon it. As a two-player simultaneous action game, it’s up there with Double Dragon II and Turtles II for non-stop chaotic fun. As a one-player game, I can see how one can get sucked into the challenge of trying to beat every level, first with the Konami code, then with a mere three lives. Besides that, Contra still looks, feels, and plays wonderfully.
NESVideo Game Den (Apr 16, 2012)
Konami has a fine tradition of producing quality games, and Contra, I believe, has gone above and beyond their call of duty, and is a criterion of precise gameplay mechanics and intense shooting action. A must have.
NESNES Player (2001)
Contra is phenomenal fun that can’t be overestimated. It’s one of the best NES games and a testament to the NES library. A must-have masterpiece.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Oct 31, 2005)
Well-executed pseudo-3D shooting levels elevate the game to the next level, and the bosses are immense but never frustrating. This game is challenging - the standard three lives is hardly sufficient - so don't hesitate to use the popular 30-life cheat code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start at title screen). Contra is a classic NES shooter, and one of the definitive titles for the system. Konami released a sequel called Super C.
NESHonestGamers (Mar 19, 2005)
I’ve remarked that the presentation isn’t mindblowing. But it’s always easy to see what is what, and the soundtrack includes some of the catchiest melodies ever heard in a game. This title simply has no known weaknesses; just pick it up for a few bucks on Ebay. You’ll sing the very same tune.
NESRetroage (Feb 06, 2009)
Rok 1987. Konami wydaje na automaty grę pod tytułem Contra, rok później swoją wersje dostają posiadacze NESa. Jest to najsłynniejsza część tej kultowej serii. Słyszał o niej praktycznie każdy gracz, a nieliczni którzy nigdy nie zagrali to margines niczym uczciwy poseł czy rzetelna reklama. Port na 8 bitową maszynę Nintendo nie był jedynym. Swoje konwersję dostały jeszcze komputery, ale te odsłony nie uzyskały już takiego rozgłosu i nie są tak rozpoznawalne.
NESJoystick (French) (Apr, 1991)
Probotector est un jeu indispensable, alors qu'est-ce que vous attendez ?
NES1UP! (May 11, 2002)
De par ses continus très limités (3) et ses vies très restreintes (3), Probotector est un jeu très dur, mais pas infinissable, bien au contraire. Son challenge se révèle passionnant pour qui a la patience de s'y essayer de nombreuses fois jusqu'à en connaître par coeur les pièges et savoir comment passer chaque situation périlleuse de la manière la plus efficace. Et à ce titre, le fameux code secret Konami, haut, haut, bas, bas, gauche, droite, gauche, droite, B, A et start, qui fut presque communiqué en même temps que la sortie du jeu constitue un curieux stimulant. Grâce aux trente vies qu'il confère par continu, le jeu est alors beaucoup plus simple ce qui en fait l'un des titres les plus conviviaux à deux de la NES, surtout si vous jouez avec de moins bons joueurs. La possibilité d'emprunter des vies à son camarade est en cela une merveilleuse idée.
NESNES Archives (Mar 15, 2008)
Contra is one of the most popular titles for the NES and the definitive two-player simultaneous game. If you like shoot ‘em ups then this game is a no-brainer. Otherwise, it is still worth owning but not a top 20 type of game.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Feb, 1988)
At first I thought the colourful Amstrad graphics were rather garish with everything blurring into one but this was hasty judgement and I soon got used to it. The Spectrum version is okay but suffers in comparison with the Amstrad, but it is still very playable. This game is highly recommended. Why not start the New Year grappling with Gryzor?
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Feb, 1988)
At first I thought the colourful Amstrad graphics were rather garish with everything blurring into one but this was hasty judgement and I soon got used to it. The Spectrum version is okay but suffers in comparison with the Amstrad, but it is still very playable. This game is highly recommended. Why not start the New Year grappling with Gryzor?
NESRandom Access (Dec 24, 2010)
This game is, essentially, one of the reasons why NES owners are, even to this day, proud to be NES owners. The NES had such a rich library, and Contra sits among them as one of the best (and one of the most difficult, although in my opinion, there are equally difficult games in the bunch -- StarTropics, Zelda II, Double Dragon III, and even the dreaded Yo! Noid come to mind...) But if you love your shooters, do your best to get your hands on this. You can either seek out an original cartridge of the game, or failing that, a port of Contra is available on the Nintendo DS game, "Contra 4" (alongside the sequel, "Super C").
NESNES Times (Jul 27, 2007)
Contra is an all-out joy to play, a classic that has held up well over the years. The game is well-designed, the action never gets old, and the addictiveness ensures you'll keep coming back to this one even after you've beaten it. This game is also a good 2-player title, if you remember to stay together. While others may like the sequel more, Contra is still one of the top NES games of all time, perfect for old-fashioned blast-athons.
NESMaXoE Games (2000)
Grâce aux trente vies qu'il confère par continu, le jeu est alors beaucoup plus simple ce qui en fait l'un des titres les plus conviviaux à deux de la NES, surtout si vous jouez avec de moins bons joueurs. La possibilité d'emprunter des vies à son camarade est en cela une merveilleuse idée. En même temps, il permet, seul, de bien se familiariser avec le jeu dans son ensemble et après avoir enchaîné parties sur parties pendant des jours voire des semaines, de réaliser soudain qu'on est prêt à le finir sans le code. C'est là que le vrai défi peut commencer.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Mar, 1988)
What really makes Gryzor stand out from the millions of other conversions of scrolling arcade games with silly names that seem to be pouring forth at the moment, is that this one actually feels like an arcade game. The 128K sound FX and music certainly help to create an atmosphere of fag smoke, fruit machines and leather jackets, something almost unheard of before on a Spectrum. I don't normally go in for the pumping-lead type of game, but they had to resort to crowbars to drag me away from this one and back into my straitjacket.
As an overall package, you'll be hard pressed to find a game that better designed than Contra. It's videogaming, the way it should be defined in Websters. "Video Game: Non stop, adrenaline pumping action between a player and a computer. Requires lighning fast reflexes and ridiculous amounts of button presses. See also: Contra"
NESPower Play (Dec, 1988)
Bis vor kurzem gab es in Deutschland kein gutes Ballerspiel für das Nintendo — das ist jetzt vorbei. Obwohl das Spielprinzip von Contra nicht gerade taufrisch ist, macht es einen Heidenspaß. Vor allem zu zweit ist die Hölle los. Das Spiel wird mit zwei Spielern nicht etwa einfacher, sondern eher etwas hektisch. Wenn der andere alle Leben verloren hat, kann er seinem Mitspieler ein Leben abzwacken. Vom verschneiten Planeten über einen durchwachsenen Dschungel bis zum sauberen 3D-Effekt bekommt man einige grafische Leckerbissen geboten. Die sechs großen Levels bieten genügend Spielspaß für lange, heiße Joypad-Sessions. Fazit: Ein Contra gehört in jeden Haushalt. Mein Nintendo wird auf jeden Fall in nächster Zeit damit bestückt.
NESNintendojo (Apr 21, 2005)
One of the most solid packages for which a modern gamer could ask from Nintendo’s legendary machine. Contra is an excellent multiplayer title, an excellent steam releaser, and an excellent game overall. Go get it!
NESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Bei Probotector haben die Programmierer von Konami den goldenen Mittelweg zwischen Lust und Frust gefunden. Das Spiel ist nicht gerade leicht, aber immer wieder herausfordernd und keinesfalls unfair. Grafisch wird das Nintendo Entertainment System hervorragend ausgenutzt. Jede Menge Sprites machen den Bildschirm unsicher, ohne daß es zu störendem Rucken oder Flackern kommt. Die Hintergrundbilder steigern sich von Level zu Level und bieten viel Abwechslung. Mal wird man von einem Schneesturm, mal von einem gruseligen Ober-Alien überrascht. Wer ein fantastisches Ballerspiel sucht, wird mit diesem Modul hochzufrieden sein. Probotector gehört spielerisch und technisch zum absolut Besten, was im Action-Genre derzeit für diese Konsole angeboten wird. Der Zwei-Spieler-Modus ist besonders empfehlenswert; wenn Ihr zusammenarbeitet, kommt Ihr im Teamwork auch etwas weiter.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Feb 03, 2008)
Contra ist ein Pflichttitel für alle Actionfans, die sich für die Wurzeln ihres Lieblingsgenres interessieren. Nonstop Action und das typische Run & Gun Gameplay lassen Retroherzen höher schlagen. Grafisch hat der Titel leider nicht viel zu bieten, aber dies ist bei seinem Alter auch nicht weiter verwunderlich, wer damit leben kann greift zu!
NESGamesCollection (Aug 12, 2010)
Contra ha un ottima giocabilità, unisce divertimento e frustrazione allo stesso tempo; bisogna quindi usare il cervello oltre che essere abili per superare i vari Stage, e non saranno certo le prime vite perse e i primi Game Over a farvelo mollare. La grafica e gli effetti sonoro sono semplici e le colonne sonore di buon livello. Il divertimento aumenta giocando in cooperativa. Un titolo che consiglio a tutti. All'inizio sarà dura, ma una volta presa confidenza con i comandi, distruggerete i nemici senza pietà. Non lasciatevelo scappare.
Amstrad CPCPower Play (Feb, 1988)
Der zur Zelt wohl beste Grafiker auf dem Schneider CPC heißt Mark K. Jonas. ihm haben wir bereits die exzellente CPC-Version von „Renegade“ zu verdanken. Mit Gryzor hat sich der Junge selber übertroffen: schnelle Action, jede Menge Sprites und eine gehörige Farbenpracht machen dieses Programm zum Genuß, Das allein würde noch kein Klasse-Spiel machen, doch bei Gryzor gibt es auch ansonsten keine Schwachpunkte. Die Steuerung ist hervorragend und die Motivation sehr hoch. Und wenn man am Schluß des ersten Levels wieder einmal vom letzten Roboter umgenietet wurde, kann man ganz schöne Rachegefühle bekommen. In unserer Redaktion ist Gryzor das meistumlagerte CPC-Spiel seit Renegade. Wer heiße Action mit üppiger Grafik schätzt, wird von diesem Programm begeistert sein.
Amstrad (Nov 13, 2009)
Jeu culte par excellence, le soft de Konami n’aura peut-être pas traversé les esprits aussi bien que l’un de ses successeurs Contra III. Néanmoins, tout ceux qui l’ont connu savent à quel point ce jeu est l’icône du genre run & gun, monument du old school vénéré par les nostalgiques. Bien que caractérisé par sa difficulté extrême, Gryzor n’est pas crispant, bien au contraire. Il est un hymne aux films d’action des eighties, qui se doit d’être dévoré de la même manière, avec son couteau entre les dents. Un must have couleur treillis, entouré de barbelé, mais dont vous vous emparerez quand même !
Amstrad CPCASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1988)
Alles in allem konnte GRYZOR voll begeistern, denn es ist ein rasantes Ballerspiel, das geradezu genial vom „großen Bruder“ konvertiert wurde und dementsprechend viel Spaß macht. Schwierige Action-Games gab es in letzter Zeitz war in rauen Mengen, aber GRYZOR ist mit Sicherheit ein herausragendes Programm in dieser Sparte, denn es ist komplex und - bedingt durch die Aufteilung in völlig verschiedene Sektoren - ungeheuer abwechslungsreich. Wer auf harte Action-Games steht, kommt an GRYZOR einfach nicht vorbei. Eine Schlußbemerkung kann ich mir allerdings nicht verkneifen: Action-Games wie GRYZOR machen zwar Spaß, aber irgendwo sollte auch die Grenze zur Geschmacklosigkeit und Unmenschlichkeit nicht überschritten werden. Was aber soll man von einem Satz in der Anleitung halten, der besagt, daß ein getöteter feindlicher Soldat (der einem Menschen übrigens ziemlich ähnlich sieht) „nur 200 Punkte wert ist“?
NESMegablast (1992)
Etwas leichter und sehr viel unterhaltsamer sind die Probotectoren im Zwei-Spieler-Modus, den man jedem Ballerteam dringend empfehlen kann. Beide Games zählen eindeutig zu den Action-Highlights auf dem NES, wegen ihrer erstaunlichen Ähnlichkeit dürfte aber eines. davon genügen. Praktisch, was?
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer (Feb, 1988)
Gryzor ist ein rundum gutes Ballerspiel mit viel Spielwitz, das man nicht mehr so schnell aus der Hand legt.
Amstrad CPCThe Games Machine (UK) (Feb, 1988)
Gryzor on the Amstrad is certainly the most action-packed and difficult, in fact a very powerful conversion which should not disappoint hardened arcade addicts with itchy trigger fingers.
Amstrad CPCRetro Game Reviews (Oct 27, 2015)
Gryzor is an impressive conversion of the Arcade classic and it's a credit to the developers that they managed to cram so much in. While it's not the longest game in the world it's very addictive and the diverse gameplay styles ensure that the action never gets boring.
Xbox (Mar 01, 2007)
This is basically the original Contra, but it breaks the challenge up a bit and makes it easier to stand. While it can be said the game suffers from lack of enhancements, I doubt anyone has played the original Contra so recently that they grow quickly tired of this release. For the points, for the legacy, and for the challenge, Contra is worth the download.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Nov 08, 2006)
Is the game worth 400 Marketplace points? The online Co-op mode alone is worth the price of admission. Nostalgia aside, the game is still quite enjoyable to play after years and years. With the co-op mode, this is an excellent arcade title for Dad to introduce the kids into what gaming was like when he was younger. I highly recommend purchasing Contra without even touching the demo. The twitch shooter style of gameplay is overly addictive and will stay active in 360 owners arcade collection for months to come.
NESCubed3 (Mar 05, 2006)
An excellent example of the 2D shoot-em up genre, and one that inspired not only its successors but also a whole host of competing titles for years to come. There really isn’t anything to else to say, if you like modern interpretations of this kind of game then you could do a lot worse then taking a look at where it all began.
These really are CPC graphics at their very best; the colours positively glow, and animation is excellent. Multiload will inevitably annoy 464/664 users somewhat, but 6128 owners get the whole game loading at once.
The game's multi-load on the Speccy, but at least you can work at each level until you've completed it. No shields to pick up either - just shoot the gun emplacements and you've got the extras. The Amstrad 'explosion' as you die is very convincing and resembles a true arcade effect - on the Spectrum, though, it looks like a soap bubble. Still, it's an enjoyable game that should keep you going for a while.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Feb 10, 2008)
Neben dem sehr guten Nachfolger Super Contra, welcher ebenfalls bereits die Ehre hat in der Xbox LIVE Arcade zu verweilen, macht der Erstling der Serie, Contra, immer noch eine gute Figur. Mit aufpolierter Präsentation und dem knackigen Gameplay weiß der Action-Titel zu begeistern, vor allem im kooperativen Mehrspielermodus. Negativ finden wir die Tatsache, dass man statt der etwas humaneren Konsolenversion die bockschwere Spielhallenvariante als Grundlage verwendete.
Holds up better than most coin-ups.
NESMean Machines (Jan, 1991)
The problem with this is that it's not particularly challenging. It takes a few goes to get used to the slightly ropey control method, and after that it's simply a case of blasting your way through the pretty weak alien defences. It's fun at first, due to the fact that you can get pretty far into the game, but once you've completed it, it all gets rather predictable. Gryzor fans might enjoy the action, but really you'd get far more out of something like Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll or Megaman 2.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
If you can overlook the problems, though, Contra is a lot of fun to play while it lasts. The shooting action is intense, and the pseudo-3D levels add a great deal of personality to Contra's otherwise standard template. Weapon upgrades are both varied and abundant, ensuring that you won't be using your basic gun for very long. If you are at all interested in the genre, you owe it to yourself to.
70 (Jan, 2004)
Contra auf dem NES ist um einiges einfacher ausgefallen und weist viel längere Levels als das Original auf. Mit mehreren Continues, sehr viel Übung und etwas Glück ist es auf alle Fälle zu beenden. Die Grafik ist für die NES-Verhältnisse wirklich als gut zu bezeichnen und gefällt mir persönlich sehr. Der Spielfluss wird hier nur ab und zu durch einiges Geflacker gestört. Die NES-Umsetzung ist auf alle Fälle mit dem Spielhallenautomaten gleichzusetzen.
Xbox 360UOL Jogos (Nov 08, 2006)
Entre muitas adaptações de fliperamas da década de 80 para a Live Arcade, "Contra" é que encaixa melhor com a proposta do serviço. Pensando como um jogo cooperativo desde sua concepção, o modo multiplayer online chega com naturalidade ao Xbox 360. Mas o clássico da Konami oferece mais para valer seus 400 Microsoft Points (US$ 5). O estilo se desgastou no decorrer desses anos, com a chegada dos jogos em 3D, mas a ação rápida e exagerada rendem boas doses de adrenalina. E se visualmente não é páreo para a geração atual de guerrilheiros, a trilha sonora é sensacional.
Xbox 360Game Over Online (Jan 08, 2007)
The graphic design seems a bit smoother than you might remember it from back in the day, no doubt due to whatever tweaks Konami has done to it for the Xbox 360. If you’re a fan of the arcade version of this title and want to take a trip down memory lane, then the 400 Microsoft points will be well spent. If you’re an online gamer who gets horribly frustrated by lagging co-op play, then by all means stay away.
Xbox 360GamePro (US) (Nov 27, 2006)
Despite all the caveats, fans of the better-known Contras should find the original arcade game an enjoyable curiosity, and it's also pretty cheap at only 400 Microsoft points. Throw in the prospect of 200 easy achievement points and you've got an couple fun hours of shootin' on your hands.
Xbox 360Gaming Target (Dec 15, 2006)
XBLA Contra’s main selling point is an online co-op mode over Xbox Live, which I’ve gotta admit, is much more fun than playing alone. But the game also suffers from intermittent lag which can make it feel unplayable. I also wasn’t given credit for the “score 100,000 points in the co-op” Achievement even though I sailed way past that milestone. Basically, co-op boils down to a fun experience that can be ruined by your Internet connection or if Live is feeling finicky.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Nov 10, 2006)
Once you get past the arcade vs. NES debate, Contra plays accurately, and when you get a good connection, the true co-op gameplay is much better than the side-by-side co-op that many other Konami games have been doing on Xbox Live Arcade. If you're a fan of any version of Contra, you might want to give this one a look.
Xbox 360TeamXbox (Nov 09, 2006)
Konami’s Contra is a solid addition to Xbox Live Arcade, but it is simply just not the version of the game most of us will expect and prefer. Instead of delivering the NES build of the game, we are given the coin-op version that is designed to take quarters from your pocket, meaning it’s quite difficult, and without the thirty-lives code it gets frustrating very quickly. However, since we've confirmed that the code does work, you will definitely want to make use of it. Hopefully, there will be a patch in the near future that clears up some of the online multiplayer problems that have been reported with players losing connections during matches. Until then, anyone interested in checking Contra out on XBLA should definitely download the trial before making the decision to purchase the game for 400 Microsoft points.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Feb, 1988)
If the Spectrum Gryzor fails to rise into the major league it is probably because the coin-op is too difficult to suit the machine's capabilities. That said, there is enough in it to keep you going for several weeks.
Xbox 360Xbox World Australia (XWA) (Dec 20, 2006)
The arcade version of Contra was never as well-loved as its NES counterpart, so the choice to port it to the Xbox Live Arcade seems questionable...but not nearly as much as the dodgy online co-op implementation. The Enhanced options are nice and the game otherwise plays well offline in both singleplayer and co-op. Yet even at a mere 400 MS Points, Contra is an Arcade release that only the nostalgic or franchise fans should consider buying.
Xbox 360Game Chronicles (Jan 31, 2007)
Digital Eclipse has done a nice job emulating Contra (arcade version). Unfortunately it wasn’t the NES version everyone wanted, but once you get over that issue you’ll discover it’s a fun game.
After flying through Contra, you'll sit back and wonder if the 400 points you spent to purchase this could have been better used elsewhere. It's worth noting that this is the first time the true arcade original has been presented on a home console in unaltered form. That's will end up a fair price to fans, while those with vague memories (or none at all) will be left saddened and angered at the useless online play.
Probotector entpuppt sich als Ballerspiel der gewöhnlichen Art, was aber den Spielspaß nicht mindert. Grafik und Animation sind in Ordnung, der Sound geht so.
Xbox 360TalkXbox (Feb 06, 2007)
The “price-tag” of Contra is 400 Microsoft points. If you are still catching onto the Microsoft points system, 400 Microsoft points converts into five dollars. It’s an attractive and affordable price, but Contra is clearly not the same game anymore. After playing coop with a few of my friends, we all were left disappointed expecting the same excitement we had on the NES. I guess nostalgia does wear off over time. It’s a shame that Contra didn’t grab a hold of my attention like I thought it would. Hopefully Konami is able to successfully port Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game to the Xbox Live Arcade later this year. That may be able to strike my fancy for some co-op entertainment.
DOSPower Play (Mar, 1988)
Die MS-DOS-Version ist technisch recht ordentlich, wenn man sich die bescheidenen Möglichkeiten der CGA-Karte vor Augen hält. Auch hier bleibt der Spielwitz deutlich hinter der Schneider CPC-Version zurück. Außerdem kann die MS-DOS- Umsetzung nur Besitzern eines Analog-Joysticks empfohlen werden. Die Tastatur-Steuerung ist eine Pein. Da es kaum gelungene Action-Spiele im Stil von Gryzor für PCs gibt, ist diese Umsetzung unter den oben genannten Einschränkungen noch empfehlenswert.
Xbox 360Defunct Games (Dec 06, 2006)
The good news is that Contra is only 400 Microsoft points (which is $5), so it's not like you're going to break the bank when it comes to buying this game. But then, if you're going to spend the money to buy an Xbox Live Arcade game you might as well spend a little extra and buy something that isn't fundamentally broken. Perhaps it's time to give Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 a try, or maybe see why everybody loves Geometry Wars. Whatever you do, don't make the mistake that this is the NES Contra you remember from your childhood. This is not the classic everybody loves; this is a broken arcade port that is only fun for a few minutes.
Xbox (Mar 01, 2007)
Waarom wel: Biedt behoorlijk wat uitdaging, voor mensen die daar naar op zoek zijn. Nog aardig vermakelijk wanneer je het coöperatief speelt.
Waarom niet: Té frustrerend voor het gros van de gamers. De semi-3D onderdelen spelen niet heel erg lekker. Paar onvolkomenheden in de online mode.
Xbox (UK) (Dec 14, 2006)
In simple terms, Contra is still just about playable enough for real die-hard fans to plough through again and enjoy, but for outsiders who missed out the first time, the chances are you won't get what the fuss is about. Contra is a fairly typical example of one of those games from the period that's too unforgiving to be truly enjoyable, and suffers from too many annoying design conventions that were taken for granted back then.
Xbox 360IGN (Nov 08, 2006)
Yes, Contra costs only 400 Microsoft points, or five bucks. And yes, going for the Achievements is fun and a great measure of your skill. The updated graphics are a bit annoying as the classic version still looks fine, but the updated soundtrack is kind of cool if you are looking for a change of pace. Single-player gameplay is great, but with online bugs and multiplayer bugs, you may want to buy a 12-pack of Keystone Light or five frosties from Wendy's instead of throwing down on this unfinished game. Wait to buy this game until news of a patch hits. Or just wait.
Commodore 64Power Play (Mar, 1988)
Auf dem C64 ist Gryzor zu schwer, woran vor allem die eklige Joystick/Tastatur- Steuerung schuld ist. Auf dem Schneider war die Steuerung wesentlich intelligenter programmiert.
Commodore (Jan, 2004)
Die NES-Umsetzung ist auf alle Fälle mit dem Spielhallenautomaten gleichzusetzen. Ganz anders verhält es sich mit Gryzor auf dem C-64. Ganz schlechte Grafiken und kurze Levels stellen jedoch nicht das Hauptproblem dar. Die Steuerung ist es, die das Spiel unnötig erschwert und schlechter macht als es in Wirklichkeit ist. Die Figur wird wie gewohnt mit dem Joystick gesteuert, bis auf das Springen. Diese elementare und überlebenswichtige Funktion wurde auf die Leertaste gelegt. Die Benutzung der Leertaste bringt zu viel Zeitverlust mit sich und sorgt zu oft für ein rasches Game Over. Mit nur drei Leben und keiner Möglichkeit zur Wiederholung ist Gryzor ein ganz schlechter Scherz. Nur drei Punkte.
Two-player contests are always in demand, because most video games are designed for a solo gamer. Contra is doubly welcome, because it is a truly outstanding action epic.
Xbox (Jul 08, 2008)
But from a completely neutral perspective of someone playing Contra for the first time, the XBLA version is a mediocre, bare bones game. The multiplayer is the definition of epic fail and nothing new has really been added. But, the game is still fun nonetheless, albeit in limited doses. For 400 Microsoft points, Contra might be worth it for new gamers to get a taste of a classic game. But for any old school gamers, you’re better off dusting off the NES.