Contra Screenshots

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Amstrad CPC version

Level 1
A weapon power-up
3-way shot
Blown up by a mine on the bridge
In the water
Destroy the base to proceed to the next level
Level 2
Continuing on to the next part
There's the exit
A ring of fire is approaching Lance
Level 3
Level 4
Name Entry

Arcade version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Run and gun
Spread fire
Destroy enemy machine
Enter first enemy base
TPP view
Don't be electrocuted!
Destroy box and kill enemy
Open door!
Mechanical "boss"
Falling rocks
Another base
Next "wall-boss"
Snowy terrain
Enemies in rocket
The end

Commodore 64 version

Title (as Contra)
Level 1
Firing the scatter gun
In the water
Level 2
Out of time
There's the exit
A fireball heads towards you
Going up...
Level 3
Level 4
Surrounded by water
Firing a laser
A tank is about to run over you
He looks like a huge football player
Look out for the laser barrier
Destroy the heart to win the game

DOS version

Konami Logo (CGA)
Title screen
Introduction (CGA)
Select difficulty (CGA)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2 boss

MSX version

Konami's new logo
Title screen
First level
Found an entrance
Inside the complex of stage 2
Waterfall level

Xbox 360 version

Main menu
Title screen
The start of the first level
An exploding bridge, look out!
Soldiers and turrets a-plenty!
Shoot the green things in the wall for power-ups.
Boss time!
Choose a direction to take.
Infiltrating the enemy base.
Nearly at the base!

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Select joystick or keyboard to control your soldier
The metal box on the side of the floor can be destroyed for a weapon power up
The weapon power up makes the bullets come out in zig zag pattern
Jump to get up to the higher platform
Go prone to shoot these enemies
The first boss is a wall that need destroying
In level 2 the perspective changes from horizontal to vertical
Jump over these rolling obstacles
Game over
Hall of fame.
Let's continue where the game ended, in 48k version.
Beautiful graphics. Make a short cut and destroy the main nuclear core.
This final machinery armoured with turrets begins the level more or less damaged depending on the number of turrets destroyed inside the maze.
All turrets destroyed, the boss finally shows himself.
Short life.
Next level, upwards. A wrong jump a life is spent.
There's fire on the ground and a moveable platform upon it.
Dunno what happened to the aliens in this level but it has become the land of shorties.
A nasty cannon guards the right side.
Reaching the Guardian of another entrance.
Here it is: a mixture of an ant with the queen of Aliens.
Aim to that sort of jewel between the two-headed bio-machinery.
Lets get the hell out of here.
Again, only one turret was destroyed while walking through the corridors of the bunker.
This set of turrets not only has a boss hidden behind the curtains, but also an army of the Red Falcon Organization soldiers.
Here it comes the hidden "boss".
Winter time in Galuga archipelago.
A cargo floater filled with soldiers.
Worthy of an action film scene.
Red Falcon Organization's tank.
The first brute. Somehow It reminds me the 3rd final boss from Renegade's ZX Spectrum version.
Clean sky in New Zealand isn't it?
Pay attention to the pipe leaks (love the shadow effect).
The last brute tries to block the player from entering the core of the base.
Entering the core of the Extraterrestrial domains.
This ugly guardian (any resemblance to Alien is merely coincidental) defends the core of the Extraterrestrial entity.
Some deadly things are floating against the player.
The heart of the swarm of aliens is about to get destroyed. It launches crawlers which are very much alike the facehuggers.

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