Cookie Jam Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title and loading screen
The map of The Adventure Begins, the first area
Starting level 1 (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
The level goals. I need to match that many of those ingredients.
Level 1. I have already finished the red hearts.
After you win the level, if you have moves left, the game does the Cookie Crunch. It will make some ingredients into boosters for added points.
Level 1 completed! (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
Hints are given, at times.
The goal of level 2
Level 2
The game teaches you how to create boosters.
I beat a friends score. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
The map of area 2, Cotton Cakelandia.
A new type goal, breaking waffle cone square.s
The waffle coned level
Now you can add extra moves to a level. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
I ran out of moves.
Level 11 failed. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
Introducing the rolling pin
Using the rolling pin
In this level, you need to get the baked items to the bottom of the board to box them up for the bake sale.
I need one of each item.

iPad version

Company page
Loading page
These are the ingredients you need to collect.
Level 1
The cookie with the stripe (second row from bottom), if matched, will clear an entire horizontal row or vertical column, depending on the stripes direction..
Once you finish the level, if you have any moves left, you enter Cookie Crunch.
Cookie Crunch clears several cookies that gain you points.
Level 1 stats
The map for the first area
Entering level 2
This is the recipe for level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Try swapping 2 special treats
The map of the second area
On this level, you have to stop the gingerbread men.
Don't let the gingerbread man get to the top or he will steal your pastry.
On this level, you have to gather ingredients and stop gingerbread men.
You have been given free boosters of wooden spoons.
Instructions on how to use a spoon booster
In this level, you have to clear all the waffle cone squares.
The first waffle cone level
By level 10, you can add 5 moves if you want.
I ran out of moves before I finished.
Do I want to replay that level?