Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine Screenshots

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Windows version

Chinese menu
Clicking on the ingredients moving on the conveyor belt.
Fold crab rangoon!
Fry the crab rangoon!
Slice the BBQ pork!
Dice the BBQ pork!
Fold BBQ pork buns!
Spread the egg wash!
Double coat!
Let's grate ginger!
Knead the dough!
Roll the dough!
Cutting the dough.
Crimp the dough!
Crack an egg!
Pour the egg tart!
Oven timer
Slice the green bell pepper!
Peel the carrot!
Dice the carrot!
Juice the lemon!
Cook sweet and sour sauce!
Mix the batter!
Pour the batter!
Fold fortune cookies!
Dice the shiitake mushroom!
Frying the letttuce wrap.
Tear the lettuce!
Fold lettuce wrap!
Lettuce wraps ready
Italian menu
Food-process the presto!
Fill with water!
Boil pasta!
Strain the pasta!
Grill the chicken!
Chop the chicken!
Slice the prosciutto!
Fold cannelloni!