"The Corporate Machine" is a board-game like manager game. You are the manager of a freshly founded company (usually called a "start-up" in the new economy). Your goal: become number one and get rich. The problem is, that there are other companies which are much bigger than your own - and they don't like your goals :)

Four business branches are available: cars, computers, airplanes and food. It's possible to play multiplayer with up to 8 players (LAN and

Contributed by phlux (4340) on Jan 24, 2002.

Best described as "Sim-Bill-Gates", Corporate Machine allows you to start a corporation in Computers, Automobile, or Aircraft (user expandable). Use your budget to allocate to research, go up the tech tree (user modifiable), conduct marketting and/or corporate warfare, and even some special events (using Direct Action Cards). Play multiplayer over or iMagic Entertainment Network!

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4622) on Feb 22, 2001.