Cosmic Spacehead Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Title screen 3
Title screen 4
The beginning (adventure part)
The beginning (jump'n run part)
Collect coins
Post Office

DOS version

Title screen 1 (VGA)
Title screen 2 (VGA)
Title screen 3 (VGA)
The main menu (VGA)
Begin the game in Old Lino Town (VGA)
Don't fall down that pit or get hit by an egg creature (VGA)
Jumping across on some little platforms (VGA)
Talking with someone at passport control (VGA)
Avoid the flying fish... (VGA)
Jumping to retrieve an item (VGA)
Map of the area (VGA)
Careful, don't get zapped by electricity! (VGA)
At a bus stop (VGA)
Yikes, that thing is trying to zap me! (VGA)
A scary looking workshop (VGA)
Hmm, which door should I enter? (VGA)

Game Gear version

Codemasters logo
Language selector
Game title
Our hero!
In town
First enemy
Another bad monster
Wilderness and funny monster

Genesis version

How modest...
What language?
Title screen A
Title screen B
Found some item...
A LucasArts game? Almost...
Outside the post office
Passport checking, again...
Some weird things are there...
Choosing a mini game location
Two players mini-game
Poor little guy...
Gas station
Let's go!
Passwords tend to be long...
Nice flower!
A dangerous road
Overview map
Bus stop

NES version

Title screen
The opening sequence
European title screen
Main Menu
Start out in your hometown
Explore familiar and strange locations
You will need to complete an action sequence to reach some locations
Strange creatures may block your path
A map of your home planet
An action sequence
Linus has lost a life
Visiting the Cape Carnival
2 player pie slap
Bouncy Slap level
Got him with the pie!

SEGA Master System version

Codemasters splash screen
The logo
Here's Linus himself
Starting out in Old Lino Town
To get between the locations, you must traverse the wasteland
Map of Planet Linoleum
Inside the post office
At the rocket range
Getting rid of the scary monster
Passport control
A later platform stage
Linus finds a mysterious button
Rub a dub dub!
Game over!
The 2-player "pie splat" bonus game