Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Title screen from Episode 2
Title screen from Episode 3
menu screen
jumping without any ammo
ka-boom screen
Episode 1: a forest (with the best melody of the whole game)
Episode 1: this forest is much more spooky...
Episode 1: the land of ice
Episode 1: a mechanical world
Episode 1: jumping on mushrooms
Episode 1: a bonus level
Episode 1: after the final level
Episode 2: do you remember getting swallowed by some creature? Yup, you are now inside it...
Episode 2: an inter-game reference
Episode 2: a crystal level
Episode 3: another forest
Episode 3: the level flashes like this when you use a bomb
Episode 3 - now it looks like Cosmo is inside some computer...
Episode 3 - the same level - the surroundings change nicely when lit by a lamp.
Episode 3 - finally the city!
Episode 3 - boss battle like in episode 1. However this boss is really a piece of cake compared to some other monsters, such as those huge jumping feet (?).
Episode 3 ending - wait, you mean my parents were safe? So maybe I should have waited next to the spaceship instead of playing the whole game?...
And this is how it all ended - btw, terrestrial kids all wear clothes, but Cosmo doesn't - why are aliens so often shown as animal-like?
ANSI art logo used in the downloadable shareware installer.