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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Title screen from Episode 2
Title screen from Episode 3
menu screen
jumping without any ammo
ka-boom screen
Episode 1: a forest (with the best melody of the whole game)
Episode 1: this forest is much more spooky...
Episode 1: the land of ice
Episode 1: a mechanical world
Episode 1: jumping on mushrooms
Episode 1: a bonus level
Episode 1: after the final level
Episode 2: do you remember getting swallowed by some creature? Yup, you are now inside it...
Episode 2: an inter-game reference
Episode 2: a crystal level
Episode 3: another forest
Episode 3: the level flashes like this when you use a bomb
Episode 3 - now it looks like Cosmo is inside some computer...
Episode 3 - the same level - the surroundings change nicely when lit by a lamp.
Episode 3 - finally the city!
Episode 3 - boss battle like in episode 1. However this boss is really a piece of cake compared to some other monsters, such as those huge jumping feet (?).
Episode 3 ending - wait, you mean my parents were safe? So maybe I should have waited next to the spaceship instead of playing the whole game?...
And this is how it all ended - btw, terrestrial kids all wear clothes, but Cosmo doesn't - why are aliens so often shown as animal-like?
ANSI art logo used in the downloadable shareware installer.
The title screen from episode one, the shareware episode
This is the ordering information that is displayed when the player exits the shareware version
Cosmo gets to rescue The Duke! Twice!!