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Counter-Strike: Source

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Exquisitely-crafted ultra-realistic shooter Windows Chris Wright (99)

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Platform Votes Score
Linux 3 2.6
Macintosh 3 2.7
Windows 43 3.7
Combined MobyScore 49 3.6

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WindowsThunderbolt Games
For a bargain price of $20 (or free with most standard versions of Half-Life 2), Counter-Strike: Source is utterly essential for anybody who has so much as wanted to try an online shooter before. Its huge community combined with some of the deepest game play available, and a development team who are still finding new ways to improve the experience with constant updates makes it one of the best online games ever made. Utterly essential – you don’t just play Counter-Strike, you learn it.
In spite of a few bugs and its getting-long-in-the-tooth status, Counter-Strike: Source still holds up as an incredibly fun, challenging title. Yes, you’ll die ad infinitum, and there’s a long learning curve, but when the moment comes and you have the other team’s best player in your sights, there isn’t a feeling like it.
Reprenant à merveille les bases du premier Counter-Strike, cette version Source se contente d'améliorer ce qui était déjà bon et le fait très bien. Disponible sur Steam pour un peu moins de 20 €, il serait vraiment dommage de passer à côté d'une telle réussite de Valve !
Reprenant à merveille les bases du premier Counter-Strike, cette version Source se contente d'améliorer ce qui était déjà bon et le fait très bien. Disponible sur Steam pour un peu moins de 20 €, il serait vraiment dommage de passer à côté d'une telle réussite de Valve !
WindowsThe Review Busters
My final thoughts on Counter-Strike are excellent even with the setbacks because there are literally thousands of servers to choose from, excellent customization options, and a great way for some fast paced tactical competition that is relevant to our modern times.
WindowsChrist Centered Game Reviews
I have to say the new age of Counter-strike has begun! Unfortunately I had to deduct some points for appropriateness and stability. It's a shooting game (duh) so there is blood, though I believe bullet holes and blood can be disabled by setting decals to 0. I took points off for stability, since CS:S requires you have a DirectX 9.0 Video card in order to get all the eye candie. However, you can still experience the incredibly coded physics and the all-new game play without a DirectX 9 video card. Be sure you check the system requirements in Steam website: www.steampowered.com for more info on Requirements.
It's hard to argue against free. Counter Strike: Source is included with both retail boxes of Half-Life 2 and any version of the Steam-purchased Halflife 2. If I had to pay for this as a separate product, I'd be miffed. Perhaps later, there will be a complete reinvention and overhaul; but as a free upgrade for one of the greatest online games ever created, it's definitely worthwhile.
WindowsPC Action
Yalla, yalla! Endlich darf ich meiner geheimen terroristischen Ader freien Lauf lassen und in den optisch aufpolierten Levels für Bombenstimmung sorgen. Ich weiß, an Counter-Strike scheiden sich seit jeher die Geister. Ich liebe dieses Spiel auf jeden Fall genauso wie meinen mächtigen besten Freund. CS ist halt nur was für die Harten. Anfänger bekommen in den ersten Tagen in einer Tour eins auf beziehungsweise durch die Rübe. Wer die erste Frusthürde überwunden hat, den erwartet ein spieltiefer Shooter in einem astreinen optischen Gewand.
Développé à l’origine par une bande de codeurs passionnés, motivés par la simplicité et l’efficacité du moteur d’Half-Life, le célèbrissime Counter Strike a su passer en seulement quelques années du statut de mod lambda à celui nettement plus enviable de FPS en réseau le plus joué au monde. Une prouesse rendue possible grâce au gameplay soigné et au potentiel de fun indéniable du titre, mais aussi grâce à la configuration remarquablement légère (celle de Half-Life) requise pour le faire tourner.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Und ich dachte, ich wäre endlich geheilt! Counterstrike war für mich seit dem grenzwertigen Condition Zero tabu. Und jetzt? Jetzt ist sie wieder da, die alte Sucht. Die großartige Grafik macht das Spiel erneut reizvoll. Die leichten Veränderungen auf den Karten zwingen mich dazu, gelernte Mechanismen über Bord zu werfen. Und die kleinen Spielereien mit der Physik-Engine sorgen für Extra-Spaß. Klar, es ist nichts anderes als das olle CS. Aber im neuen Gewand. Prächtig!
WindowsGamers Europe
It's fair to say that Counter-Strike is a gaming phenomenon. From its humble roots as a simple Half-Life mod, back in June 1999, the game has swollen in popularity and quality to become the undisputed kingpin of online gaming. The simple terrorist vs. counter-terrorists scenario (which also became chillingly topical, comprising hostage rescues and bomb diffusions), the instant action, the necessity for teamwork, the depth of tactics possible, and of course the possibility of just playing it as a team deathmatch - all these have ensured Counter-Strike's enduring popularity even five years on from its initial release.
WindowsPC Powerplay
Objektiv betrachtet muss man feststellen, dass Counter-Strike Source vieles fehlt, was andere längst haben. Ein Solomodus etwa. In Condition Zero konnte ich wenigstens mit Bots üben. Wer nicht Waffen und Karten auswendig lernen will, ist schnell frustriert, ist man aber erstmal „drin“, merkt man, warum Counter-Strike so eine riesige Fangemeinde hat: Das simple Spielprinzip eröffnet eine taktische Vielfalt wie kaum ein anderer Multiplayer-Shooter.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Под занавес хочется снова отметить — это не Counter-Strike 2. Это обыкновенный римейк. Точка. Предельно насыщенное адреналином действо захватывает с первой минуты, но в итоге ничего оригинального нам так и не предложили. Хотя к чему ретроградские настроения? Ведь хуже-то точно не стало.
Mac gamers shouldn’t dismiss Counter-Strike: Source just because its hard or because its one of the older titles on Steam. Valve and Counter-Strike’s active community have ensured, through frequent updates, that the game is better than ever. It’s a challenging team-based multiplayer game that is not only a classic, but something that every first person shooter fan owes it to themselves to play. Like a classic work of literature, it needs to be appreciated by a mature audience.
WindowsUOL Jogos
Os criadores do game deixam claro que essa primeira edição ainda é uma obra incompleta. Mais mapas, armas, modelos de personagem e os requisitados bots oficiais estão a caminho. Tendo isso em vista, e que o produto é na verdade um brinde para quem comprar "Half-Life 2", o que está sendo oferecido não desaponta. Mas é melhor ver essa atualização como um embrião de um futuro produto final.
Ultimately Counter-Strike: Source is not a revolution in online shooting. What it is instead is a technically and graphically stunning port of a game that was already pretty damn good, with the potential to deliver bigger and better things in future. And you can’t complain too much about that.
WindowsJoystick (French)
A part son aspect visuel orgasmique, Counter-Strike Source ne change pratiquement rien à son ancêtre. Vite agaçant sur le Net, il reste une valeur sûre pour les LAN entre potes. On regrettera surtout que le moteur physique ne soit qu'un gadget alors qu'il aurait pu donner un nouvel élan au gameplay.