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    Bambi may go down without a fight, but not this Bovine! She's quick, she's slick, and she's 2 tons of solid brick. Take your chance at hunting one of the sweetest animals alive. It's not that easy though, if you ain't a good shot, you may get hit in the face with cow DUNG!

    The funniest new parody of its kind. Unlike other 'target shooters', this ones bound to bring you to tears- especially the COW TIPPING stages! Choose from a COWABUNGA RIFLE, SUPER MAG PISTOL, and a MOOOZI MACHINE GUN to bring you to victory against this beloved milk-maker. Witness as she lifts her tail and fires large samples of DUNG at your face. You'll never underestimate the awesome power of "the cow" again!


    * Skeet Shooting

    * Cow Tipping

    * Selective Arsenal

    * Funniest Sound Effects

    * Fast Action

    Shoot these little bastards while they heave through air across the screen. Collect as much food points as possible for a higher score. Cowhunter offers an easy learning curve and quick fun that's addictive, you'll find yourself playing for hours. So say goodbye to the old grizzlies and birds, and say hello to the fat farm!

    Cowhunter offers several modes to choose from in your endeavors in conquering the cow:

    1) Target Practice

    2) Bovine Skeet Range

    3) Championship Cow Tipping

    4) Pop-up Cow Hunt

    Contributed by Opipeuter (17001) on Feb 20, 2004.