Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - Power Play 12/1988:

    Afterburner - eine neue Dimension der Arcaden-Spiele

    Jetzt ist es weit! Afterburner ist da. Die Spielhallensensation 1988 endlich erhältlich für Euren Computer. Für C64, Amstrad, ST und Amiga. Fliegt im Affenzahn mit Eurer Tomcat über ständig wechselnde detailgenaue Landschaften. Erfahrt die Spannung und Herausforderungen von Geschwindigkeit und Reaktion.
    Manövriert Eure Tomcat in eine 360° Rolle - zündet den Afterburner!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (158367) on Aug 15, 2011.

Back of Box - SEGA 32x (European):
    Strap into your lethal F14 Tomcat, kick-in the afterburner and set the skies alight! You fly through multiple day and night missions over land and sea, picking off enemy targets as you lock and launch your deadly Sidewinder missiles.

    Schnallen Sie sich gut an, wenn Sie den Afterburner Ihrer F14 Tomcat einschalten und den Himmel zum Glühen bringen. Zahlreiche Missionen erwarten Sie. Jagen Sie Ihre Gegner am Tag und in der Nacht, über Land und über Wasser und lassen Sie sich mit Ihren Sidewinder-Raketen Bekanntschaft machen.

    Prenez les commandes de votre chasseur F14 Tomcat, déclenchez l'Afterburner (post-combustion) et sillonez le ciel. Vous devez remplir des missions de jour et de nuit, au - dessus de la terre ou de la mer, localiser les cibles ennemis et les détruire grâce à vos missiles Sidewinder.

    Instálate dentro de tu arma letal, el F14 Tomcat, arranca el dispositivo de poscombustión y enciende los cielos. Tienes misiones de vuelo durante dia y noche, volando por encima de tierra y mar, destruyendo los blancos enemigos con tus mortales misiles Sidewinder.

    Allacciatevi le cinture di sicurezza! Date gas al postbruciatore del vostro F-14 Tomcat ed infiiammate i ciele! Volerete in innumerevoli missioni di giorno, di notte, sul mare e sulla terra, tentando di coglere di sorpresa gli obiettivi nemici, per toglieri di mezzo con i vostri letali missili Siderwinder.

    Spånn fast dig i din dödliga F14 Tomcat, tryck in "Afterburnern" och lys upp himlen! Du flyger över land och sjö genom flertalet dags och nattuppdrag. Sikita in flendemålen rätt, lås siktet och avfyra dina Sidewinder missiler.

    Stap in je dodelijke F14 Tomcat en maak je gordels vast, gebruik je afterburner en zet de hemel in lichterlaaie. Je vliegt vele missies overdag en's nachts, over land en zee, en mikt op vijandelijke doelen waarna je ze uitschakeld met behulp van krachtige Sidewinder raketten.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (158367) on Jun 02, 2010.

Back of Box - Amiga (United States/Canada):
    Come on.
    "Ace" it.

    OK, supersonic jock. Get ready to go.
    Muster up all the skill, reflexes and guts you've got. Because inside your F-14, you´re going to need all that--and more.
    Blast laser-directed, anti-aircraft fire at enemy planes.
    Dodge heat-seeking missiles with fancy flywork--like dips, turns and barrel rolls.
    Come head to head with the infamous Flying Fortresses--the toughest of all enemies--and dogfight your way through, to a nanosecond of safety.
    And if you make it far enough, a fuel tanker will be waiting for you. Dock successfully and you´ll replenish valuable energy and ammunition.
    So get your adrenaline pumping--and grab your joystick. Then take to the skies. You´re not going to believe what's up there!


    Sit back. And prepare for take-off. It's the only chance you´ll have to relax.

    Sometimes, the only way to dodge enemy fire is with a perfectly executed barrel roll. You can do it!

    The action is intense, especially at night. Dock with this fuel tanker to replenish valuable energy and missiles.

    All it will take is one blast--in just the right spot--to end this dogfight for good.

    Yikes! They got you this time. But get back in there and show them your stuff.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (158367) on Jun 02, 2010.

Back of Cartridge Case - SEGA Master System (European/AUS):
    You're an ace fighter pilot. For wings you have an F-14 Thunder Cat, the most advanced fighter jet ever developed.
    In the sky, you are the perfect combination of man and machine.
    The country's freedom depends on your success. Good luck.

    Sie sind ein erfolgreicher Kampfflieger. Als Flugzeug steht Ihnen eine F-14 Thunder Cat zur Verfügung; hierbei handelt es sich um den fortschrittlichsten Düsenjäger, der je entwickelt worden ist. Am Himmel stellen Sie die perfekte Kombination von Mensch und Maschine dar.
    Die Freiheit des Landes hängt von Ihrem Erfolg ab. Viel Glück!

    Vous pilotez un avion de combat, le F-14 Thunder Cat, le meilleur appareil jamais mis au point, et vous êtes un champion. Dans le cieux, vous faites parfaitement un avec votre machine.
    La liberté du pays depends de votre succès. Bonne chance!

    Usted es un as entre los pilotes de cazas. Pilota un "Thunder Cat", el más avanzado de los cazas supersónicos jamás fabricado. En el cielo, es usted la perfecta combinación de homber y máquina.
    La libertad del pais depende de su éxito. Buena suerte.

    Siete il pilota di un caccia a reazione. Il vostro apparecchio è un Thunder Cat F-14, il caccia più avanzato che ci sia mondo. Nel cielo, formate la combinazione perfetta d'uomo e macchina.
    La salvezza della patria dipende de voi. Buona fortuna!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (158367) on Jun 02, 2010.

Back of Case - Sega Master System (US):

    Sega's smash arcade hit comes to life...on your Sega System!

    You're a Navy Air Captain. At your control is the most advanced fighting jet ever to set the skies on fire! You supply the skill, reflexes and guts.

    Your F-14 Thunder Cat gives you Mach 2+ speeds, unlimited firepower and a state-of-the-art battle computer which targets your enemies for destruction.

    Fire guided missiles, then blast away with your Vulcan cannon. Roll your F-14 left and right! Enemy missiles slide under your wings. Your afterburners roar as you dive for the wave tops!

    In this sky battle you're outnumbered. But that's O.K. When it comes to flying the unfriendly skies, you're the one they call "The Ace."

    Contributed by coenak (3566) on Jan 14, 2008.

Back Cover - Commodore 64:


    AFTERBURNER - You've played the arcade smash - now experience the white-knuckled realism of a supersonic dogfight at home! Using your heat-seeking missiles and laser anti-aircraft fire, can you be top gun against a seething supersonic swarm?

    brain-numbing G-forces; bones rattling with the body-jarring pitch and yaw... scan with your radar, lock on your target and FIRE!

    Contributed by Xoleras (65952) on Mar 25, 2004.

Back Cover - Sega Master System (PAL):
    You're an ace fighter pilot. For wings you have an F-14 Thunder Cat, the most advanced fighter jet ever developed.
    In the sky, you are the perfect combination of man and machine.
    The country's freedom depends on your success. Good luck.

    Contributed by Xoleras (65952) on Mar 25, 2004.

Back Cover - Sega 32X:

    Blast Bogies From The Sky!

    Strap yourself into the fiercest jet fighter - the F-14 Tomcat and kick in the afterburner to outrun deadly cannon fire 'hot on your six'.

    Pull up hard. Lock and launch! Blow desert patrols, radio towers and missile sites into oblivion!

  • Multiple missions - day and night, over land and sea

  • Fast flying views - in-the-cockpit and behind-the-afterburner

  • Advanced weaponry - fire heat-seeking Aim-9 Sidewinders and Vulcan 20mm Cannons

    Contributed by Jeanne (75395) on Nov 11, 2003.