Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge Screenshots (Amstrad CPC)

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Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
High scores
Get ready.
Doing curls in training.
Sit ups in training
Squats in training
Coach report after training
First event: 100 meters. You get a screen like this before each event.
Starting the 100 meter dash.
Doing the long jump.
Doing the shot put.
Doing the high jump.
Next event: the 400 meter race
Well done. You've finished day 1, get ready for day 2.
Running the 110 meter hurdles.
Loading the other events. Rest.
Throwing the discus.
Running with the pole vault.
Up we go!
Throwing the javelin.
Next: The 1500 meter race
You got through all ten events.
Game over