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Amtix! (Dec, 1985)
It seems that Level 9 have come up with the solution to the problem of making multiple choice questions interesting Some of the options and their conclusions are very funny indeed Making a game out of the idea is, however, not so much of a good thing. Most of the time you are reading the same stuff that appears in the book (and that's a lot cheaper) Level 9 have come out with some excellent games — and I'm not criticising the quality of the programming — but I don't feet that this really works as a game , too well.
THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE von LEVEL 9 ist ein „etwas anderes“ Adventure: Es hat nicht allzuviel Rätsel zu lösen, die Texteingabe ist beschränkt, die Grafiken nicht zahlreich und von der Darstellung nicht immer glanzvoll. Doch: Auch Adventures wie TERRORMOLINOS, die mehr auf Text-Information und lustige (Begleit-) Kommentare ihr Hauptaugenmerk legten, haben ihre Reize!
Amstrad Action (Dec, 1985)
I suppose that in many ways this game isn't an adventure at all - after all there are no locations to be explored, just sequences of events to be followed as they are related in hilarious Mole-ish prose. Whichever way you play, however, I reckon you'll find this a worthwhile addition to your collection.
Tilt (Jul, 1986)
Le journal intime d'un anglais de 13 ans 3/4 coincé entre une mère hystérique et son petit ami ventripotent et un père négligeant et sa rousse pulpeuse. Divorcés. Beaucoup de texte. Rigolo.