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Mean Machines (Jan, 1991)
At last! A decent platform game on the GX4000! Switchblade might not look like the greatest game in the world due to the rather drab backgrounds, but it's the playability that counts, and this has it in abundance. The landscape is huge, and there are loads of hidden screens and bonuses waiting to be discovered - just like a platform game should have! It's a pretty tough game, and you certainly have to battle every inch of the way! It helps if you make a map (if you do, send it in to the tips section!), as there are a variety of different routes around the landscape, and some are more hazard-packed than others. If you're a GX4000 owner who's looking for something decent to play, splash your cash on this smash!
As Hiro, last of the Blade Knights, your task is to find the lost pieces of the mystical Fireblade and free the world from the tyranny of the evil Havok. What could be a fairly dreary task is enlivened by the superb implementation of an otherwise fairly standard platform format. Whether using your fists or one of the many weapons lying around the dungeon, the sliding power bar makes performing different moves simple and elegant. The difficulty is also pitched just right. Graphically, things are spot-on; the detailed MODE 1 graphics provide a suitably gloomy ambience. A great tune plays throughout too - a relatively rare thing in CPC games. There are a couple of niggles (Hiro's jumping can be slightly clumsy at times), but generally this is one of the most professional titles ever released for the CPC, and a cartridge version is also available for Plus machines.
Raze (Mar, 1991)
Switchblade can't hope to appeal to anyone entering their teens or older. This isn't because the game's bad, it's just that the gameplay is very simple. The age of GX4000 owners is very young anyway so this shouldn't be too much of a stumbling block for the game.