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More to do in Crash's Time-Traveling Adventure PlayStation Katakis | カタキス (39516)
Naughty Dog does the same, but with something new. PlayStation Michael B (358)
Still shamelessly derivative, still executed perfectly. PlayStation Anatole (61)
The Bandicoot does it again! PlayStation Tailsbandicoot (16)

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PlayStation 67 4.1
PlayStation 3 6 4.7
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Combined User Score 73 4.2

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PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
The difficulty level is just about perfect. There are a few really tough puzzles, you don't need to solve them all to finish the game. Believe it or not, the completion percentage actually goes up to 104% (maybe higher!). A real gem, Crash 3 offers more depth and variety than the first game but without the frustration of the second.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Jan 01, 2000)
Crash Bandicoot: Warped gives gamers the total package: great graphics, super sounds, and hours of fun gameplay. You're a warped PlayStation owner if you don't immediately add Crash to your library.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Dec, 1998)
The Crash games have always had good reply value with their secret level, bonus levels and all the stuff you need to collect. WARPED is certainly no different and may actually have the best overall value of the series.
PlayStationFreak (Dec, 1998)
אז מה אם זה לאהמשחק הכי מקורי למשחק המשך, הוא עדיין מלא ברעיונות חדשים כמו השלבים היותר חופשיים והמכניקה החדשה של השליטה ולא רק זה, זה פשוט משחק מאוד מאוד כייפי.
91 (Sep 11, 2003)
Esta tercera entrega de la serie de Crash es la más completa y compleja de todas. Acaba con los planes del Dr. Neo Cortex de una vez por todas.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jan, 1999)
Without a doubt one of the finest examples of this style of game. What it lacks in innovation, it more than makes up in graphical flair and beautiful, but simple level design. There aren't really any genuine gameplay surprises - it's mostly tried and tested here, but the new "open" levels are welcome additions to the Crash formula. Ultimately, it's the slickness of the whole thing that'll suck you in. A gorgeous game.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 04, 1998)
Crash fans, I've got good news: Warped is a winner. Anyone who enjoyed the first two games won't be disappointed, and if you've never played a lick of Crash before, you're in for a serious treat. Highly recommended.
PlayStationRetro Spirit Games (Oct 24, 2013)
The final game in the trilogy is easily the best game overall, with a huge amount of variety, excellent driving sections, new playable characters, and imaginative and well designed worlds to explore. There is also far more replayability here than ever, with extra collectibles making return visits essential, rather than a tedious chore.
PlayStationMeristation (Nov 05, 1998)
Si eres un fan acérrimo del género de las plataformas... si te gustaron las anteriores entregas de CRASH BANDICOOT, ésta, su tercera parte no te decepcionará en absoluto.
Come on, it's the best, most beautiful Crash yet and it's a total deal. Clean, addictive fun, and better than Crash Team.
PlayStationGamervision (Oct 23, 2008)
It’s rare that a developer can take a great game, make it into a system-selling franchise, and then actually exceed expectations on a later title in the series. Sequels often disappoint, but thankfully, Warped was not one of them. It takes everything good about the first two Crash games and then adds more, and ten years later, it’s honestly still great to play. In fact, I didn’t want to stop playing long enough to write this review. This is the kind of game I can take out every few years and still have a blast playing through. I just wish that the Crash series would fall back in the hands of original developer Naughty Dog and perhaps make a return to glory someday. However, as that’s pretty unlikely, I’ll have to stick with the old games I’ve got.
PlayStationGamesCollection (Jan 04, 2009)
Consigliato a tutti gli amanti e i nostalgici del platform game e a chi apprezzava la saga di Crash ai tempi dell’ appartenenza ai Naughty Dog. Per critiche, consigli o domande non esitate a commentare, grazie!
90 (Dec 09, 1998)
Un vrai chef d'oeuvre. Puisque je me tue à vous dire que Crash bandicoot 3 est un must !! :-) Ne ratez pas ce jeu sur la PSX, entièrement en français (voix comprises)... Avec un tel succès, il est d'ailleurs étonnant que Naughty Dog, le développeur, n'ait pas songé à adapter son hit à d'autres machines. Enfin, il n'est pas trop tard...
PlayStationMega Fun (Dec, 1998)
Crash Bandicoot Warped bringt Innovation in das mittlerweile etwas angestaubte Jump&Run-Genre. Die neuen 3D-Levels des Jump&Run-Spektakels sorgen für enorme Abwechslung. Darüber hinaus begeistern mich die Aktionsmöglichkeiten, die der kleine Dachs im Verlauf des Abenteuers erlernt und die von euch dank präziser Steuerung perfekt ausgeführt werden können. Die Langzeitmotivation wird zusätzlich gesteigert durch den Time-Trial-Modus, in dem ihr gemeisterte Levels nochmals besuchen dürft und nach erfolgreichen Durchhüpfen ein weiterer Diamant als Belohnung winkt. Doch nicht nur grafisch ist SCEAs Hüpfer über jeden Zweifel erhaben, sondern auch das Ambiente des Sequels ist einfach fantastisch. Die Soundeffekte und die Musikeinlagen wurden genau wie die Grafik-Engine sehr comiclastig gestaltet und geben dem Spieler das Gefühl, mitten in einem Tom&Jerry-Film zu agieren.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 05, 1998)
This time the game takes place across a great expanse of time and space, making for greatly diverse level designs, which in turn keep the game fresh.
PlayStationVideo Games (Nov, 1998)
Doch auch ein Crash 3 ist technisch nicht perfekt und vor Polygonfehlern gefeiht: Haie schwimmen am Meersgrund einfach in den Boden hinein oder verschwinden bei Treffern ohne jeglichen Effekt. Außerdem können beim Bike-Rennen schon mal ein paar Ruckler vorkommen. Den Gesamt-Spielspaß beeinträchtigt dies jedoch nur marginal. Habt Ihr die 30 Level geschafft, bleiben immer noch knapp 70 Prozent Geheimnisse für die Langzeitmotivation zu entdecken. Mir persönlich gefällt es besser als die meisten echten 3D- Jump‘n‘Runs wie z.B. Spyro.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
Crash 3 is echt cool. De verslavende gameplay is gebleven en is gespekt met meer humor en prachtige graphics. Crash addicts kunnen tevreden zijn.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Nov 01, 1998)
The game is fun, funny, and challenging - I don't think you could ask for much else. Crash Bandicoot: Warped is a barrage of good things. The graphics, sound, music, levels, and difficulty all come together perfectly. Naughty Dog has made Crash a much better game, something that is commendable when so many sequels come up short. If you haven't given Crash a try, definitely pick this up - and if you are already a Crash fan, this game far surpasses its predecessors and you should get it immediately.
PlayStationElectric Playground (1998)
I believe if you're a fan of the other Crash games, you're going to really enjoy this disc as well. However, no matter what your past Crash experience is, I bet that you'll be spending a lot more time tooling around underwater, on the road or in the air than you will be hopping from platform to familiar platform.
PlayStationGamekult (Sep 29, 2000)
Crash Bandicoot 3 : Warped est un excellent jeu de plates-formes 3D servi par une réalisation digne d'un dessin animé de toute première classe. Ses graphismes colorés et la prise en main facile en font un jeu qui pourra satisfaire tous les styles de joueurs. On cavale, on tourbillonne, on pilote divers engins, bref on passe des moments vraiment agréables à faire évoluer ce diable de Tasmanie dans les nombreux niveaux du jeu, aussi variés qu'amusants.