Crash 'N the Boys: Street Challenge Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Technos Japan
Scene from the intro
Title screen
Some pictures illustrate the story
List of events
Select a team
400m hurdles
Choose a contestant for the next event
Between events check out the city
Inside a shop
The race begins
Fight, kick, throw boards
Lost to CPU
First, second and third place
Stats after each event
Hammer throw golf
Ooops, avoid sand bunkers and water
Needed 20 throws to cover 580 meters
Free fall event is about o begin
During the fall, try to get the umbrella...
and beat the crap out of your opponent
Roof-hopping challenge
Grab the pole and jump over huge gaps
Collect coins in midair
Other methods in crossing: unicycle
Last challenge judo/karate fighting
Hit me baby
Final statistics
No grand prize here...
The end

NES version

Title screen
Hey, let's organize... a tournament!
Settings menu
Choosing your team
First challenge: 400 meters hurdles
Select your player for the challenge
Do you want to go shopping with me?
In the shop
Hurdles... yeah, LOTS of hurdles...
And the champion is...
Prizes are awarded
Hammer-throwing-golf challenge. Really!
THIS is how you should throw the hammer!
The challenge is completed
"Swimming" challenge... actually, your goal is to strangle your opponent underwater
Woo-hoo! Roof-hopping challenge!
Fell down
That's what I call a jump!
Use various gadgets to overcome the obstacles!
Judo challenge
It doesn't look good...
Is there really such a move in judo?..
Individual prizes... I'm "Mr. Versatility"!
And finally, the grand champion...
Blatant commercial for the next Technos game!
Japanese title screen
Announcing the next event in the Japanese version
400 meter Hurdles in the Japanese version
Hammer Throw in the Japanese version
Swimming in the Japanese version
Roof Top Jumping in the Japanese version
Fighting Scene in the Japanese version
Award screen in the Japanese version
Top Three screen in the Japanese version