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Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Select Cab and Driver
Need to Pick Up a Customer
Customer Pickup
Crazy Jump
Customer Dropoff

Crazy Taxi Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Attract Mode
The mode screen is identical to the windows version!
Select a car and driver.
Customer Spotted!
Customer Delivered
Now THAT is a crazy jump.
Major product placement here.
On the Freeway
Avoid the fountain.
Gina slides into the driver's seat.
Not a legal left turn.
To the lighthouse!
Crazy Jump Contest
Balloon Popping Contest

Crazy Taxi Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen
Main menu
Select a cab driver.
Game rules
Picking up a customer.
Driving a customer to the destination.
Drop off
Spotting a new customer.
Time is up.

Crazy Taxi Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Mode selection
Character selection
Looking for customers
First customer
Crazy Jump!
I know a shortcut
Stop at the marker
Taking priest to the church
I am bad
Another jump
Underwater shortcut
A happy customer
Records area
Top 5 records
Come on!
Crazy ride, nice speed
Almost in right place
Next customer.
1,48 km? no problem.
Grass - good shortcut
Near the beach
Results - not great, not bad.