Create A Pop Sensation (Windows)

Create A Pop Sensation Screenshots

Windows version

The game's splash screen
The game starts with an animated intro, here the player is leaving home to go to work with the band
The game's menu consists of five locations on the road to success. The tunnel exits the game and the cow just moos.
The game configuration options. Here previously created bands and songs can be loaded and re-worked
Hiring band members. After selecting an instrument The game shows icons for each potential band member who will come and audition
Hiring band members. After hearing a potential band member audition the player decides whether to hire them or not
When the band is complete the player gives them a catchy name
The rehearsal rooms. Standard hotspots here are the camera to take a band snap, the picture on the wall returns to the menu, the door leads to the next phase and the smiley face which is the help icon
Songs are constructed by placing sections from he five supplied songs into the grid. Note the option to print music in the lower right, nice touch.
A completed composition is being played through. The band members bob about while it is playing - except for the drummer because I forgot to give him anything to do
After hearing the composition play through it was clear that the lead singer wasn't good enough for this masterpiece so she was replaced
The completed song has to be saved and named before the player can progress to the recording studio
The recording studio. In the lower left are controls for volume and balance while in the lower right are controls for adding additional sounds
Now that the song has been engineered and recorded, a process that can take many iterations, the player gives the OK for a live performance
The concert is not interactive. There are shots of the animated audience mixed with close up and distance shots of the band as the song plays
After the concert the player's efforts are scored by means of a chart rating. From here the player can repeat the process with a new band or re-engineer this one.
There is an interactive manual. However this runs as a separate application, it cannot be accessed from within the game
This is the in-game singer customisation screen
In every location there is a camera icon. This allows the player to print a picture of their band
This is the ultimate goal, to have a platinum record on the wall. Unfortunately this one is not mine, it comes with the game