Creative Contraptions Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Main menu
Brushing up on basic mechanism operation
Spring is in the air
The elastic device in action
Fill in the mechanism: select a level
Now pick an objective...
Feed the hungry dude
Trial and error
Hunger problem - solved!
Fill in the Zany Objects
Now for a round of Contraption Mix-Up
Here, this should do the trick...
...nope - out of time.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Select an activity
Consulting the mechanism tutorial
Friggin' magnets - how do *they* work?
...this is how (watch closely, ICP!)
First pick a level...
Then select a function for your contraption
Time to fill in the right mechanisms
How about a pulley? (hey, it worked for my rubber chicken.)
Awww, doggie's all excited!
A Zany Objects puzzle
It ain't over till the fat lady chills
Contraption Mix-Up: the ultimate challenge
Lemme fix that...
Rise and shine!
Failed to beat the clock

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
A tutorial on mechanism operation
Meet the pendulum!
...and here's how it works.
Playing fill-in-the-mechanism; select a level...
...and a goal.
Something's not quite right...
Choose a suitable replacement
There, I fixed it!
Now for some fun with Zany Objects
Great hair care achieved!
Contraption Mix-Up ups the ante with scoring and a time limit
Racing against the clock...
He shoots... and scores!
Ran outta time.