Crib Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The start of a game. The cribbage board is optional and can be suppressed via a game configuration option. If displayed it can be moved or minimised
The player can change the card back if they wish
A lot of player choices take place in small windows like this one which is the cut to see who goes first
The game has just begun. There is no automatic card play, the player selects a card by clicking on it and then clicks play to play it
The player must calculate their hand's value accurately or risk giving points to the computer opponent. This seems a little unfair as the computer does not make mistakes so it's one way traffic
At the end of a hand the game reckons up the computer opponents score like this
If the player makes a mistake in scoring they award points to their opponent. This option can be disabled by enabling auto-scoring in the game's configuration options
The computer opponent has three skill settings. Play on the hardest and you'll see this a lot
The game keeps statistics of the number of wins and losses for the current session
These are the game's configuration options
Just to show that the computer opponent is not unbeatable