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Cricket 2000

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Mediocre at best PlayStation Evil-Jim (151)
Cricket 2000 Windows Bilal Ibrar (41)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 2 3.8
Windows 5 3.9
Combined User Score 7 3.9

Critic Reviews

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There’s not much here to entice non-hardcore fanatics, but if you’re after a new cricket game to occupy you whilst rain stops play, then this is as likely to impress you as Brian Lara Cricket did.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Но, несмотря на все это, вот моя рекомендация, — если подвернется вам этот самый Cricket 2000, погоняйте его обязательно. Получите кое-какое удовольствие, а заодно и приобретете массу полезных сведений. По крайней мере, читая в литературе описание крикетного матча (хотя бы у Диккенса в "Посмертных записках Пиквикского клуба"), вы поймете, о чем, собственно говоря, идет речь.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
HOWZAT? Not very good at all I'm afraid. I though 4's and 6's were boundary runs, not the age of the players that will find this game remotely challenging. Combine the two numbers together and you'll get some idea how long it will take to become bored with Cricket 2000. I believe this title was supposed to be released to coincide with last years World Cup. Maybe they should have kept it under wraps until the next. The extra time could have been put to good use..
PlayStationGameSpot UK
Cricket 2000 basically offers you everything a budding Botham would want. The various tournaments and leagues combined with the one-day internationals keep the game interesting and extend its lifespan, but sadly the lack of sustained action and excitable gameplay may leave you feeling a little short of enthusiasm - unless, of course, you are a huge cricket fan. If you are, you should be getting this now, but if you're not then you should consider testing the wicket before you play on it.
PlayStationPower The PlayStation Mag / Playstation Power
If you've ever had teeth out without anaesthetic, or have slammed a tender organ in a car door, you'll know the true meaning of pain. And so it is here. Give it to someone you hate for their birthday.