Cricket 2005 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

After the company logos the game displays its title / load screen. There is no animated introduction to this game
The game's main menu.
In the My Cricket sub menu is an option to disable some of the licensed music tracks
In the My Cricket sub menu is an option to edit the teams and another to change the player numbers
One of the game's load screens. It describes the Create A Player option pretty well
There are three game modes each of which leads to a further sub menu, for example there are five kinds of International match
When playing a Knockout Tournament the player first selects a region of the world and then picks eight teams from that region to play in the tournament

Windows version

You can improve yourself at the nets
A Leg Before Wicket
A batsman being stumped by the wicket-keeper
Batsman's return to the dressing room after being dismissed
Greame Smith (One of the authentic faces in the game) as depicted in the game
A ball being bowled to the batsman
Batsman acknowledges the crowd after completing his 50
Sometimes dives like that one are inadequate to save your wicket
celebration after the fall of a wicket
Start of the game
The batsman is caught by the square leg fielder
The Options Menu
Players celebrate after the dismissal a batsman
Umpire signals a No-ball
Umpire signals a boundary
Umpire signals a sixer
Batsmen having discussion after the end of an over