Crime and Punishment Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
I admit I'm biased in this case
I can relate
Oversexed nerd turning to piracy, it all makes sense now
Examing the facts of a different case
Oh, I'm just nine years off. No big deal apparently.
This is what I got when my decision was a bit too far off from the AI's.
I redeem myself and now I'm ready to embark on my judical career

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Background info
The quicker you make your judgement, the more gavels you get
Lying, in other words
Seeking details of the crime
Spookily, that could almost be me
Not a greenhorn then
Outside forces should influence your decision
Info on the criminal
You can review facts without your score being affected
Your options
My choice was similar to the AI judge
Beginner's luck
No detail has been missed out
That adds to the case against
The next shot hints at why he's seperated
This state looks down on Blink 182
I underestimated it
Does it actually deter would-be criminals?
Maybe, but it satisfies bloodlust
Hammering with the gavel
We all need money....
I tried that, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose
The scales of justice are on his side

DOS version

Title screen
We learn the crime and may request more information.
Not all of the information seems very useful.
The purpose of the game is to give an appropriate sentence.
Better choices give more gavels.
Quit screen
Title Screen (CGA)
Begin the Game (CGA)