Crime City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

News Paper
Your office
Map screen
At the hospital
Empty room at hospital
Your girlfriend
At the Pub
Investigating a crime scene
Title screen
Your office computers main menu
Mini game
Your phone
A Letter
Your notebook

Atari ST version

Title screen
Intro screen
Your office
A map over the town
Select how you will travell to the selected location
Chatting with your girlfriend
The scene of the crime
At the hospital
Visiting your father in prison
Using your computer
A minigame

DOS version

Title screen.
Intro screen: Steven's father Henry is jailed for murder. A mistake?
The office, home base for Steven's investigations.
New places will appear on the city map as Steven discoveres clues. Travelling takes time and/or money.
Investigating the crime scene. Steven doesn't collect objects and thus doesn't need an inventory.
Steven employs several strategies of research. 1) The computer system's reports database. This is also where Steven gambles money on the stock market.
2) The telephone, where Steven calls and questions an increasing number of suspects and witnesses. Not everybody is home at all times, so timing is important.
3) Dave the Informer is a rich source of information. In addition, Steven visits and interrogates people.
4) Surveillance is exhausting and sometimes dangerous, but often highly rewarding.
Crime city comes with an RPG flavor: Steven has several stats and talents which increase through training.
Steven investigates another crime scene. A hint?
As days pass, events occur that open up new leads.
Of course, things make a turn for the worse. The prime suspect? Turn up dead.
A surveillance? Ends with a "friendly warning".
Steven's girlfriend, Lisa? Sudden victim of a "car accident". And that's not nearly the end to Stevens troubles.