Criminal Case Screenshots (Browser - Facebook)

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Browser version

Game start. Playing a police officer sent to investigate a possible homicide.
First crime scene - A tutorial for the hidden object game.
Hints - Using a hint will identify a hidden object. Using hints will subtract bonus points.
Clue - Found a clue! If a dead body isn't a clue, I don't know what is.
Scene clear - Score, starts, rewards, all those bonus points and a minor heart attack trying to screenshot this.
Story - The victim has been identified. An autopsy is due.
Evidence - Found this to be the murder weapon, since the newspaper seemed unlikely.
Tablet - The tablet (see bottom left button) shows what tasks need to be completed to further progress in the case.
Autopsy - All done before I had a chance to screenshot the process of animated forensics working on the body.
Autopsy results - Cutting up the body only resulted in the finding out the killer is right handed? I was expecting a full curriculum vitae. :p
Evidence - The police chief informs the results of eyewitness testimony.
Crime scene - Got a new crime scene unlocked. Looks like another hidden object game.
Second crime scene - Hovering the cursor over an item name long enough will reveal its image, at cost of time.
Level up - Energy replenish! Yay!
Story - Found a bloody shirt and looks like a new puzzle.
New puzzle - Arrange pieces together to complete the object.
Puzzle compete - Screenshot capturing these are more challenging than the puzzles I'm trying to solve. :p
Killer profile - Now have three pieces of circumstantial evidence, which apparently is enough to arrest a suspect. Ironic, considering France (see developer team) is the birthplace of forensics. o_o
Tablet - Time to arrest the killer!
Usual suspects - This should be easy. It's the third guy with the mustache. :p
Usual suspects - Compare the evidence with the features the suspect has. I'm telling you, it's the dude with the mustache.
Usual suspects - I still think that mustache was suspicious. Oh, well.
Reward - A nice bronze medal.
Officer suit - Which apparently also includes plastic surgery. Yes, I look like this in real life. *whistles inconspicuously*
Main map - Travelling to a new crime scene.
Crime scene - Got another new crime scene unlocked. It takes 20 energy to do a crime scene puzzle.
Partner - Finally found out his name. Look at all my friends. Guess which one is the Flash?
Loading screen - Travelling to the new crime scene with my new partner who doesn't have a Facebook profile.
Reward - Now it's a gold crown. Should go well with the bronze medal. Now I need something silver.
New crime scene - Noticeably tidier than my room. Even with the dead body.