Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Level select
A small jumping puzzle

SEGA Saturn version

Catch the crystals
I see enemy!
Game Over
Lava Cave
Crush the boxes!

Windows version

Main menu.
Find 100 diamonds to get an extra life.
Free the little Gobbos from the tyranny of Baron Dante.
Bonus stage.
Find a key to open this cage.
Climbing on the wall.
Press the triangles to move platform.
You can push some boxes to gain access to higher platforms.
There are five colored diamonds on every level. Find'em all to gain access to bonus stage.
Destroy the boxes to get some extra diamonds.
First boss - giant duck.
In the caves.
Another boss defeated.
Inside a Baron's castle
The staircase
In the dungeon
The guardian
Baron Dante
Watch out for monsters with spikes on the back. They cannot be killed in normal way.
Third group of levels is set in the desert theatre.
The mummy
It's very dark here.
Ice bridge
Some monsters can fly.
Rotating gear