Crossed Swords Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Map of Belkana.
Title Screen.
Stage Select.
Stage 1.
Help the villager.
He's been murdered.
Giant mouse to fight.
Slash him with your sword.
Another monster to fight.
The monsters are getting bigger.
Defend the attack.
You've been hit.
Three to fight.
The boss is in that cocoon.
Here's the boss.
A merchant selling his wares.
In a forest.

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Chapter Selection
Chapter 1 Opening Screen
The beginning
An ogre
What's behind that blue thing behind that enemy?
Your first boss, that's what
Chapter 2 Opening Screen
What would you like to buy?
Fighting in the dark forest
Using magic
Approaching the castle gate
Release the girl at once! She's not worth dying for
Chapter 3 Opening Screen
The sky looks like hell
The forest is burning
A cinematic sequence
The hallway of the castle
Which way do you want to go?
Ammunition Warehouse
Look, ma! I'm fighting with a dummy
Say hello to Death Masquerader
Chapter 4 Opening Screen
It's Kermit gone mad
Looks like it is windy outside
"Good God!", gasped Gerald, "Look at the size of that crab"
Is that a... Gremlin heading towards me?

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen
Here's the good news of the moment...
Watch out for that flame!
You and your enemy draw swords...