Crossword Addict Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game area consists of two main windows. One shows the crossword and the other the current clue with icons to other game features
These are the three print options
Games can be saved to be resumed later. There are no save slots as such, the player must manage the save games themselves.
Here the answer to a clue has been entered into the box on the right. when the player clicks on the 'insert answer' button the answer will only be inserted into the main puzzle if it is correct.
The player can open up the full clue list in a separate window.
The hint function. The player specifies how many letters they want to be shown for the current clue. The player cannot progress to any other clue until this clue has been solved.
The game may be paused. However this does not mean the player can work on a solution while the clock is stopped. The puzzle is replaced by a chequered screen with GAME PAUSED marching across
The crossword selection screen. Here the number of players can be selected.
Here a four player, turn based game is in progress.