CrossWorld 95 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

CrossWorld - Title and Main Menu
CrossWorld - Starting to play
CrossWorld - Solving the puzzle is in progress
CrossWorld - Invalid letters in the word are stroked out
CrossWorld - Searching for a word list based on available letters
CrossWorld - Create a Puzzle options
CrossWorld - Creating a symmetrical puzzle
CrossWorld - Creating a non-symmetrical puzzle
WordSearcher - Main Menu
WordSearcher - Puzzle options
WordSearcher - Starting to play
WordSearcher - Finding the first word
WordSearcher - Horizontal finding
WordSearcher - Diagonal finding
Decoder - Title Screen
Decoder - Help
Decoder - Timer Configuration
Decoder - Selecting a theme
Decoder - Starting to play
Decoder - Clues for solving the cryptograms
Decoder - False path to decrypt
Decoder - Decrypting the Flowers
Decoder - Decrypting the Harrison Ford movies
Decoder - Decrypting the American Football teams
Decoder - Congratulations!