Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 64:

    Gee, another zany point-to-point racer from Midway. How original!

    Subtle it ain't, but Midway's Cruis'n franchise (USA, World and now Exotica) has gone gold time and time again since first appearing back in the mid-'90s.

    Expertly melding blazing-fast action, madcap off-track antics, a host of instantly recognizable landmarks and a dead-flat learning curve, the Cruis'ns have always been textbook examples of arcade racers. Next to it, Diddy Kong Racing looks like chess.

    For this third console iteration, aptly named development house Gratuitous Games has beefed up the graphics. The vehicles are more subtly modeled than before, and there are precious few "billboarded" (i.e, 2D) landscape items. Pop-up is out in full force, but that's to be expected when the action is as frenetic as it is here.

    Exotica follows standard Cruis'n procedure of rating the vehicles by acceleration, traction, mass and aerodynamics. Placing high in the one-player Exotica circuit unlocks hidden vehicles, for a total of 28. Midway has always taken a decidedly casual approach to matching vehicle appearances to capabilities, so it's no surprise that one of Exotica's top accelerators is a forklift.

    In solo mode, there are three difficulty levels. Placing in the top three in an Exotica track course opens up a new leg in the same area -- for example, Alaska/Bering Strait-to-Juneau opens up Juneau-to-Yukon. Each area also has a drag race. The 60 tracks must be pretty close to a record for one game, but you'll notice lots of familiar elements when moving from one track to another within the same area.

    Why mess with a winning formula, indeed? Pinball physics and the floatiest play-control this side of Casper GBC have proved a popular combo that Midway wisely sticks to with Cruis'n Exotica. The game is in stores now.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Apr 26, 2005.

Back of Box–Nintendo 64 (US):
    GET EXOTIC! …from Atlantis to Mars and everywhere in between.

    Race in style! Cruis’n Exotica takes you to fantastic locales in even more fantastic vehicles. Race through steamy Jurassic jungles or on the ocean floor. Midair stunts keep the action nonstop! Valuable shortcuts and nitro boosts speed up the already fast-paced action! Fantastic driving excitement straight from the arcade!

    28 exotic cars to race!

    1 to 4 player non-stop racing action!

    Turbo boosts, stunts, nitros and more!

    60 tracks from around the world!

    Three modes of play to choose from!

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5108) on Nov 04, 2004.