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Crusader: No Remorse

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The silencer will be onto you before you can say “Treason!” DOS *Katakis* (37843)
Bobba Fett in Red! (had to say that, sorry). This is a ground-breaking action game of creativity! DOS Indra is here (19808)
Nice! DOS Ben Fahy (73)
A wonderfully innovative game with excellent music. DOS Tomer Gabel (4367)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 65 4.0
Macintosh 1 3.0
PlayStation 6 2.9
SEGA Saturn 4 3.1
Windows 3 2.9
Combined MobyScore 79 3.8

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One of the best games of 1995 --and one of Techtite's choices for Top 50 Multimedia Classics-- this Crusader was once a high-tech guard for the bad guys; the best they had. Then you are betrayed by your superiors and, so they felt, left for dead. Big Mistake! In a full force of shoot-em-up action that would make for a great Arnold Shwartzenegger flick, you help a slowly growing band of rebels begin their independence from a dictator with a vicious plan for the world (think of films like Total Recall, Running Man, and possibly Commando). The good news: this is way into the next century, so your weaponry is very, very high tech. Better news for the action buffs; your environment is not made of titanium like most typical action games, and instead reacts to the action around it accordingly; glass shatters, computers break into worthless circuits, and some generators explode! Talk about a gritty action game; one of the best ever!
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
The gameplay sizzles with a perfect blend of combat and exciting challenges, such as defusing traps, seizing control of enemy droids and more. If you loved Loaded and Project Overkill, snap up Crusader.
Incredible graphics, sound and gameplay. Graphic violence, unsuitable for youngsters; no joystick support. A great alternative to first-person shoot'em-us, and a definite must-play for action fans.
DOSComing Soon Magazine
At each new release from Origin, wherever you go on the networks, you will notice an incredible number of messages about the game. Some are ecstatic, others are mad about the game, but few belong to the category of people who can not choose whether they are not satisfied or absolutely subjugated. Most of the time when you read a message that flames an Origin game, it will be because the game does not support a particular sound card or because the system requirements do not allow the game to run on anything lower than a 486 based system when it is not a Pentium!
SEGA SaturnConsoles Plus
Action et exploration sont au programme de ce jeu qui aurait mérité une réalisation plus soignée. La prise en main est bien pensée et l'animation assez rapide.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
While I did have some problems with CRUSADER, you can see that they are, for the most part, rather nit-picky. This is one solid game, and one which has taken stock of the past and improved it in nearly every way imaginable. John Gardner, the great writer and writing teacher, said that the best fiction should create a “vivid and continuous dream” for the reader- it excites, frightens and challenges us with a wholly involving game experience. This is not a game for those who like their experiences overtly complex, nor is this a game for the recreational gamer – this is a game for those of us who like to play, for hours and hours and hours...
DOSElectric Playground
I must consider myself among the Crusader cult. This game had me hooked in a genre that I have always enjoyed but never raved about. As impressed as I was with Project Overkill, Konami's latest entry into the genre, the isometric detail of Crusader and the depth of its nonstop action makes this the granddaddy of them all. Add to that the aforementioned world creation on Origin's part and this makes Crusader: No Remorse the isometric shooter to have in your PC library.
DOSJoystick (French)
Vous n'aurez pas une minute à vous. Ce jeu va vous tenir en haleine pendant un long moment et vous en mettre plein la vue. Mais attention, les derniers niveaux sont durs, très durs !
DOSComputer Games Magazine
Crusader is an exciting and compelling action game, perfectly combined with excellent story-telling elements. While this game's engine bears some similarity to the one used for Ultima 8, the SVGA graphics and the overall quality of this game makes it far superior to most other games of this type. If you're looking for a great solo game that offers beautiful SVGA graphics, quality FMV, awesome SFX and music to feed the atmosphere, WC-type interaction with other characters, and pulse pounding gameplay, Origin has your game with Crusader: No Remorse.
DOSPC Player (Denmark)
De seje effekter, den suveræne lyd og de mange detaljer, som tilsammen er spillets force, løfter dog efter min mening alligevel gameplayet op på nedenstående karakter. Alt i alt er CRUSADER hårdtpumpet, meningsløs vold når den er allerbedst - eller allerværst, om man vil.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Wer eine gute Aufbereitung eines recht simplen Spielprinzips sucht und für sein Geld wirklich langanhaltenden Spielspaß haben will, findet momentan nichts Besseres.
DOSPower Play
Vorneweg: Crusader verdient zweifellos den Titel eines der spielstärksten Action-Ereignisse jüngeren Datums. Die Fülle entzückender Details nimmt auch gegen Ende nicht ab, Handlungsdichte und Atmosphäre sorgen für tagelange Fünf-Sterne-Unterhaltung. Dennoch denke ich, daß Crusader auch Kritiker finden wird: Bis zur letzten Mission ändert sich kaum etwas am taktischen Vorgehen des roten Ritters. Das ist nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß.
Happy new year, gamers! Let's take a trip back in time and look at a true classic in the third person shooter genre. In 1995, Crusader: No Remorse was a game like no other. Billed by its publisher, Electronic Arts' Origin Systems division, as a "shooter from a different perspective," the off-center isometric game followed the adventures of a guy (no women in the player position) in a red suit whose mission was to make life hell for a large, world-controlling, multinational corporation. In these times of mass corporate layoffs and big business in command, Crusader is still oddly relevant nearly seven years after its release.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games
My only real gripes with this one are the control learning curve, which is admittedly a minor inconvenience only at the beginning of the game, and the small, somewhat pixilated character models. They certainly pass muster, but I feel they could have made them a little more detailed. Other than that, this is a great experience. The music and sound effects provide a great deal of atmosphere, and each level is objective based, so you always have something to do. If can still find it, definitely pick it up.
Don't be surprised to find that Crusader is far from perfect. The quirky controls and somewhat disappointing plot sequences can be distracting, and the missions are something less than a mental workout. Even so, if you're the kind of player who enjoys laying waste to an enemy compound, Crusader's glass-shattering ferocity is tailor-made for you.
Unter dem Strich ist Crusader jedenfalls das beste SF-Actionadventure seit „D/Generation“ - hätte Origin über all der Action und den logischen Rätseln nicht die Innovationen vergessen, wäre der Hit unvermeidbar gewesen!
Okay, so your horizon is a little short, due in part to the isometric viewpoint, but once you are in total control of the main character, you learn to live with it this. It all adds up to a gaming experience like no other, where the unadulterated pleasure of destroying everything in your path is unrivalled so far by any other game (not counting the forthcoming Syndicate Wars). Crusader is certainly worth serious consideration, but it’s such a shame that the graphics look like poor PC hand-medowns because other than that, it’s a damn fine game.
Crusader: No Remorse provided many hours of enjoyable gaming, especially once you got used to the controls and the overhead viewpoint. Overall, I would recommend it for action gamers who want a break from the Doom look-alikes that dominate the market. Unfortunately, Crusader doesn't support head-to-head play; that could be a consideration for some of you, and it does affect my rating slightly. Still, Crusader: No Remorse has earned a score of 80 from this reviewer as one of the better action games of the year. Watch for the sequel, coming soon from Origin, called Crusader: No Regret.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Kennen Sie auch diese mäßig realistischen Actionfilme, in denen verwegene Einzelkämpfer eine ganze Station mit hunderten von Bösewichten aufmischen? Crusader beschert ein solches Erlebnis in interaktiver Form. Nicht gerade ein Feuerwerk an origineller Subtilität, aber es wummt und kracht in unterhaltsamen Ausmaßen.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot
In the end, the game's control problems can be overcome by those patient enough to master them. That reason alone is why Crusader didn't end up in my circular file. If you've got the time to learn, and the desire to destroy, Crusader contains more than enough action and explosions to satisfy.
Die-hard fans of the PC version will sorely miss the game's flexible control and video. Obviously, if you've never played the PC version, the Playstation's minor deficiencies won't be noticed. And once you get past the control problems, you'll discover a great game that possesses an almost unlimited amount of death and destruction.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground
Origin has made a solid little action game here. Although the developers wanted it to be more than just a run of the mill shooter (by providing a rich and twisted back story and various in-game puzzles), Crusader: No Remorse's biggest success comes from the fact that it's really fun to rip those WEC yes-men and their machines in two.
Overall, though, the game is a winner. There's enough exploration/strategy to make the game interesting and enough stuff to destroy to make it entertaining.
It may have been around on the PC for a year now – in fact a sequel entitled No Regret has recently emerged – but Crusader: No Remorse is just as engrossing in its new PlayStation clothes.
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
It's easy to dismiss Crusader as being a bad game if you only play it for a few minutes. The graphics are so-so (although everything blows up real nice), the animation is choppy and the missions seem mostly of the repetitive, blow-stuff up variety. But this PC port has depth. Each of the 15 missions is ultra-long and packs plenty of objectives. Fortunately, you can save your game at any time (you only get one life, so save often!). It's the control that really hurts this game. The joypad is unresponsive and simple tasks such as sidestepping and rolling are a chore, as well as silly-looking. You can't even shoot while sidestepping!
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
It's amazing how many games got good ratings at the Playstation's launch that weren't actually that good. This game is no exception. While not a terrible title overall, it reeks of first generation Playstation gaming and plods along at a tediously slow pace in such a way that it isn't remotely enjoyable for more than a few minutes.
DOSHigh Score
Gubbarna rycker omkring som taskiga marionetter, och vad som först verkade vara ett taktiskt komplext spel utvecklas snart till ett urskiljningslöst pepprande där skyldiga såväl som oskyldiga flyger som löv för vinden.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Spillet vil du enten hate eller elske, og jeg er nok dessverre på den første siden. Jeg vet det er en del der ute som den dag i dag synes spillet fortjener all ros som det kan få, dessverre føler jeg ikke med dere. Dette ender i at det ikke blir noen prestisjefylt pris på Crusader. Som det står i DOS vinduet sier når du avslutter spillet. ”No pity. No mercy. No regret”, det er akkurat det jeg akter å gjøre når jeg setter karakterene.
PlayStationGame Revolution
The Playstation and Saturn versions are equally disappointing. I haven't played the PC version of this game, but after playing these console versions, I don't want to. Although the label says it is for ages 17 and up, don't let that mislead you into thinking this is some kind of intense, action packed game stuffed with violence and blood. On the contrary, it won't take more than an hour for the most patient player to get bored of Crusader.