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Crypt Killer has one thing going for it. This is the fact that there just are not many games available that support the light gun. If you invested in a gun, more than likely you will be willing to shell out your cash for mediocre games like Crypt Killer because you have no other choice. On the whole, mediocre pretty much sums up Crypt Killer -- nothing great, but you could do worse. The enemies and game environments are entertaining, but the game may fall short on replay value.
SEGA SaturnGame Players
The designers have taken a B-level Indiana Jones premise and wrapped it around a 3-D background with 2-D enemies. So, you get to blast an endless array of flying Garudas, belching fishmen and Harryhausen-esque skeletons as you travel the distant lands in search of treasure. Level design is fine, if a little bland, but branching paths prevent players from finishing prematurely. If you've finished Virtua Cop 2 and still got ammo in your Stunner, then give Crypt Killer a try.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
If fast moving, senseless shooting is all you crave, then Crypt Killer delivers with six stages, packed to the boneyard's brim with enemies and level bosses. Crypt Killer's monster cavalcade is ambitious, but you can find better shooters. Bury this weekend rental when you're done.
PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStation Magazine
An adequate but forgettable port of an arcade shoot 'em up. Crypt Killer is pretty good with a lightgun, but almost entirely pointless otherwise.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
So eine miserable Grafik wie in Crypt Killer hat der Saturn eigentlich nicht verdient Gut, der Automat hat Grafik-Fetischisten auch nicht vom Hocker gerissen, aber die SAT-Version ist noch übler ausgefallen: Sobald die Polygone etwas näher kommen, werden sie rapide äußerst grobpixelig, wenig Details sowie langweilige Texturen lassen kein richtiges Grabräuberfeeling aufkommen. Zudem werden einige Grafikroutinen wie die drehende Wendeltreppe überstrapaziert und nerven dann nur noch. Der Stageaufbau wirkt lieblos dahingeschustert und reizt nicht gerade zum Erforschen der sechs Level. Auch die einfallslosen Endgegner erscheinen platt und zweidimensional. Insgesamt wirkt Crypt Killer in allen Punkten unausgegoren und überarbeitungsbedürftig. Haltet Euch lieber an Virtua Cop 2 oder, solltet Ihr eine Playstation besitzen, an den Import Time Crisis.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
Crypt Killer won't win any awards, but its simple arcade charm makes it worthy of a quick romp. The Playstation version lacks good controls and the Saturn lacks decent graphics, so light gun fans will have to pick their poison.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
This is certainly not be the best-looking game in the world, but if you enjoy occult themes and fast shooting action, Crypt Killer might still be worth a whirl. Note: This game is not compatible with Namco's Guncon. It only works with the older models such as Konami's Justifier.
Crypt Killer may do well because there is a shortage of light gun games for the PlayStation, with Area 51 being the only real other alternative. Do yourself a favor, and wait for Time Crisis later this year.
Konami was on to a loser from the start with this coin-op conversion, which can lay claim to be pretty much arcade perfect, in as much as it’s just as poor as the original. The same blocky sprites leap out from weak polygon scenery, wave their arms about and throw spears with some of the worst animation yet seen on the PlayStation, and either explode on being shot or get so close to the front of the screen that they resemble nothing more than a mush of tiles, reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D on a 386 PC.
From the depressing intro, through to the insultingly poor graphics engine, Crypt Killer takes you on a pre-rendered journey of ineptitude. This is an empty, unrewarding game without a soul, and sadly missing its arcade counterpart’s gun-mounted trimmings. Buy this at your own peril, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Despite its ghoulish overtones and enemies straight from "Clash of the Titans," there is nothing remotely scary about Crypt Killer - except the thought of spending money on this abomination. Steer clear.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
The cat crept into the crypt and crapped.... Yeah, that's the word I was looking for CRAP. Avoid this title like the plague
PlayStationGame Revolution
I love gun games, but because few people spend the extra money to buy the light gun, not many of them are made. Crypt Killer is not going to convince even one extra person to buy that gun. The large number of paths and levels is the only thing saving this game from an 'F'.