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Crystal Wizard (Windows)

Crystal Wizard Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen. Gems fizz across the background as the game waits for the player to start the game
The game's main menu
There are two help screens that explain the game, this is the first
There's an in-game tutorial. This is part of the section that explains how to aim the gem by throwing it so that it bounces off the side wall using the mouse to Click, Drag-to-aim, and release
The start of the main game. Objectives are clearly defined at the beginning and the first few levels are really easy to accustom the player to the game mechanics
The game quickly becomes more difficult, here at level three the player can only complete the level by bouncing a purple ball off a side wall onto the purple cross
A high score is being recorded, only eight characters are allowed for a player name
This level features gold coins which score bonus points if included in a sequence
Three pegs make clearing this level difficult
This shows the bonus level menu. Each is a single level game with different rules/objectives
The objectives at the start of the SPREE bonus level
SWANK is another timed bonus level but with ramps to make attaining a high score difficult. Here the game has ended because the stack has breached the floodline
HEAVE is a timed bonus level in which the player must cover the coloured X's.
The game control options