Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Color:

    You must save the world from evil magic by finding the four powerful swords that form Crystalis.

    After the apocalypse, magic returns to Earth.

    The year: 1990. Gamers were taken on a magical quest to save the planet on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Now, ten years later, Nintendo Software Technology Corp. is challenging a new generation of gamers to join the hero of Crystalis in a pumped up version of the game designed exclusively for Game Boy Color.

    Crystalis is an overhead-perspective adventure game, set in a landscape where magic and technology coexist. A violent nuclear war has ravaged the Earth, and after a 100 year slumber the hero of Crystalis awakes to find a new world buzzing with the return of an ancient magic.

    A blessed group of good-intentioned sorcerers have used their new magical powers to rebuild the Earth, but an evil sorcerer named Dragonia has combined his supernatural forces with man-made technology to devastate the rebuilt Earth. It is your mission to recover four mystical swords, and combine them to form the ultimate blade: the Sword of Crystalis. This legendary weapon is the only tool which can put an end to Dragonia's black reign.

    Crystalis contains ten sprawling regions to explore, each with unique terrain, enemies, towns and people to meet. The game features real-time battles, with a heavy emphasis on exploration. You'll have to complete a variety of tasks to complete your quest, which includes talking to townspeople and solving puzzles.

    As a sorcerer, you'll eventually have eight spells at your disposal. One spell restores hit points, one gives you the ability to fly, and another allows you to transform into other characters. Even though the fighting is not turn-based, the game uses Magic Points and Hit Points to gauge your health and sorcery power.

    Crystalis is a faithful representation of the original classic, but the development team at NST has made some major improvements. Crystalis fans will notice a greater level of detail in the background graphics, but we were particularly impressed with the improved continuity of the game's storyline.

    When SNK originally released Crystalis in 1990, time constraints prohibited the team from tying up loose ends in the plot and providing the spectacular ending they had envisioned. NST has addressed these issues in the updated version of the game, producing a tighter flow to the adventure and a more complete conclusion to the game.

    Thanks to these changes, Crystalis is now a much more polished package than it was ten years ago. Even ignoring these improvements, Crystalis still stands up remarkably well to the test of time.

    Crystalis is compatible only with Game Boy Color.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on May 15, 2005.