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General Hints/Tips - PlayStation
  Unlock Dr. N. Tropy Mar 29, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Scrapbook Mar 29, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Ripper Roo Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Papu Papu Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Komodo Joe Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Pinstripe Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Fake Crash Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Parking Lot secret battle arena Mar 14, 2015 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock The North Bowl secret battle arena Mar 14, 2015 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlock Lab Basement secret battle arena Mar 15, 2015 Zaibatsu (3105)
Cheats/Codes - PlayStation
  Unlock the secret character Penta Penguin. Mar 18, 2008 Michael B (341)
  Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage demo Nov 08, 2009 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlimited bombs Mar 29, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Unlimited Wumpa Fruit Aug 18, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)
  Turbo counter Aug 19, 2012 Zaibatsu (3105)

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