Cube 2: Sauerbraten Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Stepping out of the darkness
Fighting in an open area
Having a look at the environment
Foe approaching

Windows version

The main menu
A map representing the Brandenburger Tor in East Berlin
An enemy grabbed our flag, get him!
The fire and water effects are pretty good
A map based on Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament
A map based on Dust2 from Counter Strike
Shooting an enemy in Dust2
That looks like a good sniper hideout
Small demon
Hen can't reach me
It's hurt!
Moonlite map
Curves_that_kill map
Energy blast
Old Castle III map
Hello, little creature to kill
Knights with energy weapons
Monster's ass.
Nice effects
Life lost
Under water
Welcome to the jungle.
Killing a knight.