Curiosity Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Introduction screen (Dutch version)
The cube is shown for the first time with the current layer number.
Chipping away at it is very easy.
Zoomed out view. You can rotate the cube and zoom back in again. Now that most of the blocks are gone, an image is revealed.
Menu screen where you can spend coins (Dutch version).
Pay 100 coins to view statistics about the game (Dutch version).
Some statistics revealed: the cube is eight days old and so far four layers have been revealed. The last number shows how many blocks are left on the current layer (Dutch version).
Screen to buy an iron chisel (Dutch version).
Place an explosive and then tap it to set it off.
Screen to turns taps into bombs for eight seconds (Dutch version).
Once a screen is cleared, an arrow shows where you can move to next with a swipe.
First layer
Second layer