Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Intro cutscene
World 1 Cairo map
Tutorials option
Key items to find silhouettes
Freestanding Door 1 - compare
Freestanding Door 2 - hidden objects
Ancient Dig Site - compare
Hidden Room - hidden objects
Antechamber - compare complete
Dig Site 2 - compare
Working mini puzzle artifacts
Travel to Venice
World 2 Basilica San Marco map
Basilica San Marco 2 - compare
Basilica San Marco 1 - hidden objects
The Presbytery - compare
Pala D'oro - hidden objects
The Baptistry - compare
The Sacristy - compare
Mini game between world levels
World 3 Canals of Venice map
Grand Canal 1 - hidden objects
Grand Canal 2 - compare
Rialto Bridge - compare
Inner Canal - compare
The Dam - compare
Floating Building - hidden objects

Windows version

Anna's story after the Quest for Nefertiti.
Title screen and main menu
Opening story
The locations you can go in world 1: Cairo
A 'spot the differences' puzzle.
I spotted a difference
Wipi is poking out of the left side. If you click him, you get an extra hint.
I have completed all six areas.
Now I just need to place Pharaoh's mask in the space where it goes.
I need to place the stone rings and blue liquid I found in their correct spots. Then I need to rotate the rings until the liquid can run into the center eye.
I did it.
World 2 is the Basilica San Marco.
I used a hint.
I need to take the paining animals I found and place them in the correct spots.
This 'spot the difference' puzzle is mirror imaged.
Buying items at the store.
Freestanding door
Ancient dig site
Dig site
Hidden room
Traveling to Venice
Basilica San Marco
The presbytery
The sacristy
The baptistry
Pala D'oro