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Windows version

Main menu
Choose when you were born.
You'll spend most of your time in the town.
Different locations in town offer various choices.
Your character sheet. Obviously she needs some training before she's ready to achieve anything.
Working increases or decreases your stats and provides some funds, but only if you're good at your job!
"Kitchen Science"?! Yes, this college teaches kitchen science.
Charms are magic components - you must select the proper combination to be effective in your endeavors.
Magic duels, jousting matches, cooking contests and the like are the main event of holidays.
You can buy or sell stuff.
If you can't buy something, why not make it?
Gearing up for adventure.
Stepping into the dungeon below.
A monster appears! Lets put those charms to good use.
When you hit age 21 the game ends. Whatever you managed to accomplish by that time sets your path in life. This is only one of dozens of possible endings.