Cyber Force: Zniewolony Umysł Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

2017 Nobel Prize ceremony
Scientific research
Consciousness transferred to the crystal
Title screen
Level 1 introduction screen
Level 1 start up position
Guarding tank
Character can kneel
Cabel in the inventory
Climbing the platform
Item found
Duel with a tank
Firing machine gun
Elevator platform
Chatting with police officer
Game over screen
Level 2 introduction screen
Road through the sewers
Crawling in a narrow passage
Climbing to the higher level
Jumping over toxic slime
Long jump over the chasm
Dead end
Fall into a trap hole
Level 3 introduction screen
Hit by enemy soldier
Station one
Guardian killed
Looking through the window
Hello lady!
On the elevator platform
Fast running
Shoping zone
Chating with small boy
Level 4 introduction screen
Back to the sewers
It's too quiet
Taking the higher platform
Climbing the platform
Checking the surroundings
Climbing to the higher level
Level 5 introduction screen
Guard officer
Narrow corridor
Teleporting chamber
Computer panel
Elevator transporter
Dining room
Hacking the system