Cybernetic Hi-School Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Your first opponent is Hiroko. Her hobby is reading.
Looking for Hiroko in the cafeteria
Overview map of the school grounds
This character is a reference to Ace o Nerae, which inspired Top o nerae.
Finally you encounter Hiroko
Answer YES or NO to each question
"Was the first Kamen Rider fashioned by the Shockers?"
First round is clear
Interesting socks..
"Can Borgman transform into a giant robot when in trouble?"
Don't be embarassed, Hiroko
"Were the first plastic model kits made of celluloid?"
This is your next examinator
"Play with your joystick? How vulgar."
So, we meet again, Hiroko
Hiromi Okano appears in the second game as well
Why do the girls undress when you answer correctly, their teacher wonders.
I suppose this is what you call post-modern architecture
Yuri won't be as easy as Hiroko
"Was the MSX platform introduced in the Heian epoch?"
"Is Hiromi Oka the protagonist of Top o nerae: Gunbuster?"
Yuri's hobby is sports
What does she wear under there?
Were the questions too easy?

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main map
We'll meet again!..
School grounds
Gym entrance
Pool entrance
Prepare to "battle" Hiroko!
A question about Tengai Makyou! :)
Hiroko wears a lot...
...less now :)
Hiroko surely knows a lot about computers :)
Ahh, that's better :)
She is shy :)
Okay, Hiroko, now that wasn't too hard, was it? :)
The nearly-naked Hiroko asks if Oda Nobunaga was a boss character in the Famicom version of Wizardry
That's it, Hiroko! Hehehe :)
Now I must face a new opponent...
Loading/chapter screen, with the invitation to insert the next floppy
Inside the gym
Yuri asks a question about Torneko, one of the heroes of Dragon Quest IV
Yuri in her initial outfit
Oh come on. Undressing can't be painful!.. :)
The bra-less Yuri elegentaly removes her socks
Ouch, looks like she's ashamed... :)