Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars (Windows)

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Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars Credits


Designer/DirectorGraeme Bayless (Printouts-can't-be-Too-Small)
ProducerNeil Haldar (You-Got-It)
Lead Software EngineerStephen Cordon
Software EngineerMichael Lytton (Campaign-Guy), Cristina Negoita (Notta-Guy), Gary Shannon (Terrain-Guy), Christopher K. Singleton (Shell-FX-Slider-Guy)
Mission ScriptingCristina Negoita
Additional ProgrammingBrian Apgar (Modeless), Jared W. Eden (Dual-Role), Nancy Hamilton (Also-Also-Spiffy), David McClurg (Plug-in), Glenn Wallace (Spiffy), Dan White (Guru), Outpost2 team, Vampire Wars team, Dynamix R&D Group
Art DirectorMary Ann Fernandes (Hexless)
Conceptual ArtMary Ann Fernandes, Richard Hescox
Buck‑Stops‑Here Art PersonK. Maren Wyatt
Associate DesignerScott Bandy (I-have-a-Change-but-it's-Easy)
3D ArtistsJared Keller, Michael Price, Thomas Van Velkinburgh (Not-another-Render-pass)
2D ArtistsJames Anderson, Sienna , Michael DeSalvo, Jared W. Eden, K. Maren Wyatt, Michael Price
Art Resource CoordinatorJay Dee Alley, Doug Kelly
Additional ModelingJohn Garvin
Additional WritingCraig Erne, Darion Lowenstein, Michael Lytton
QA ManagerLloyd Madden
Quality EngineerAndrew Binder
Lead Quality AnalystMatthew Vincent (Asked-for-it)
Assistant Lead Quality AnalystTrish Bayless (QA-Goddess)
QA TechniciansSue Garner, John Wolf
Quality AnalystsAaron Anderson, Blake Carper (aka Kamosa), Chris Eastland (Original ISInner), Sean Frackowiak (Grizzly Adams), Sue Garner (Da Techie), Geoff Hampton, Bradley Heinz (Big Dawg), Jerome Kluth, Eric Lanz, Darion Lowenstein (Official Gumball Supplier of the 1998 QA Cyberstorm 2 Team), Jake Martin (The Vulture), Joseph McGuire (Lord Booty), David Peterson (Otter), Robert Quattrone Jr. (Plasma Cannons!!!), Connor Salisbury, Colin Shannon
Media TechnologistJesse Russell
Brand ManagerJeff Hoff
Marketing AssistantShannon Bross
Public RelationsSandy Muller, Christa Wendland
Manual WriterKevin Lamb
Documentation Design and LayoutEgil G. Gloersen
Video ProductionKate Alley, David Aughenbaugh, James Carey, Sage Freeman, Heather Wagner
Sound EngineerKen Rogers
MusicCharles Barth,  Loudmouth
Voice TalentKate Alley, Scott Bandy, Trish Bayless, Matthew Berliner, Andrew Binder, Barry Corkery, Ryan Honey, Chandler Melvin, Torri Mulvhaney, Jennifer Stewart, Mark Zolan
Voice RecordingsLoudmouth
LZO Compression Technology byMarkus Oberhumern
Special Thanks goes toAll our Betatesters

German Version

CoordinationAntje Hink
Manual TranslationAngelika Schenk
Manual EditingAlbrecht Schreiber
Quality AssuranceJosh Mosler
MarketingFrank Matzke, Miriam Nau

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