The Da Vinci Code Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.

Windows version

Title screen
Robert Langdon & Sophie Neveu
You'll find a lot of bodies in the game.
La fleur de Lis, the symbol of the Priory of Sion
Pushing things requires the typical continuous tapping of some keys.
Most of the puzzles are variations of anagrams.
Musée du Louvre
A puzzle involving the Gioconda.
Moving bodies will prevent the alarms setting off.
You'll have to fight in order to avoid being busted.
Some locations look splendorous from the distance.
Sophie Neveu, posing an inexpressive face.
Atmospheric effects are also present in the game.
The game includes a database filled with historical information.
Fighting is just a sequence of keys.
The game follows the book with slight differences.
Be sure to follow the maps if you don't want to get lost.
On your way, you'll find some artifacts allegedly from Leonardo Da Vinci.
Westminster Abbey
Look, but don't touch.
Some textures aren't just that good...