Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Loading screen.
Let's go.
Blast it.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen (tape version)
Title screen
The beginning location
Exploring the area a bit...
I got in here, hope I can get out!

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
This is the game's menu screen. The panel below the space ship flips sideways to show the current hi-score and ....
... the game menu - start or define the controller. If the Define controls option is chosen the player gets to choose between keyboard or joystick before being returned here
This is the start of the game. Dan is in a hover thing with a gun. When the door opens he's off exploring the maze
When Dan gets off the edge of the top corridor he falls slowly. The player must work to get him back up again
Some targets must be destroyed to open doors etc
Dan really really does not want to get caught down here
This is a time limited puzzle. Dan mist do what he's gotta do before the timer runs out or else the mission is over
This option came up on the restart - play as Dan or as the Mekon
There's more than one control panel
If Dan can get here when there's still time to do something ...
... he may end up trapped in a room full of laser fire. Should have found a way to turn them off.
Level 1 (as Mekon): Searching for the Force Field Generator.
Level 1 (as Mekon): Destruction of the Force Field Generator.
With this computer destroyed the force barriers will be deactivated.
Level 1 (as Mekon): Releasing a Super Treen.
As Dan Dare, the goal would be to destroy the control panel instead.
Level 1 (as Mekon):
There are two different kinds of enemies or allies depending on the character you play with.
Here, a Mekon soldier is attacking a Dan Dare soldier.
Level 1 (as Mekon): Tubular passageway.
Level 1 (as Mekon): Laser Turret.
Level 1 (as Mekon): End Level 1.
Beat the clock and close yourself within these two doors before the explosion.
- It's me, Mekon you stupid, I forgot the password, let me in!!
Level 2 (as Dan): Starting Point.
The part of the ship respective to the whole scenario of level 1 was literally and completely destroyed.
Level 2 (as Dan): A row.
Chasing Mekon's soldiers.
Level 2 (as Dan): 2 blasts.
This scenario is tricky. Both segments have to be shot.
Level 2 (as Dan): Windows pro Chase.
Level 2 (as Dan): Speaking of rows.
Three Super Treens no more.
Level 2 (as Dan): Elevator action.
Level 2 (as Dan): 2 Laser turrets.
Trapped with a fine soldier.
- It was an honour to serve you, SIR!
- The honour is mine young brave man!
(tears falling)
Level 2 (as Dan): Magnetic field.
Dan Dare is being covered by one of his soldiers.
Level 2 (as Dan): Special device.
This special device deactivates the ventilation ducts.
Level 2 (as Dan): Almost there.
Getting closer to the special chamber which protects the player from the imminent blast.
Level 3 (as Dan): Starting Point.
Level 3 (as Dan): Dan in the subway.
Level 3 (as Dan): Force Field Generator destroyed.
Level 3 (as Dan): Recharging point.
This new room constantly recharges Dan's energy.
Level 3 (as Dan): Secret zone.
Level 3 (as Dan): Secret Zone 2.
Maximum energy and fire-power.
Level 3 (as Dan): Thumb Sucking Super Treen.
I wonder how can anyone hurt these cute gigantic little creatures... what are you doing with that laser... Dan?
Level 3 (as Dan): Laser rain.
Dan Dare being trespassed by multiple beams of laser.
Level 3 (as Dan): Dan Dare and his spacial boy band.
Level 3 (as Dan): Dan Dare the Destructor.
Level 4 (as Dan): Starting Point.
Do not confuse these kind of soldiers with the enemy. They are your cavalry... until Dan disguises himself as a Treen.
Level 4 (as Dan): Separated by a door.
Level 4 (as Dan): First Blood.
It means that the countdown for the explosion was triggered when the first control panel was destroyed.
Level 4 (as Dan): Rest for a while.
Outline a strategy before leaving this scenario.
Level 4 (as Dan): Upright.
Ascend to the cold section of the ship where the Force Field Generator is located.
Level 4 (as Dan): Force Field Generator.
Before reaching the generator, many Purée will be made during the process.
Level 4 (as Dan):. Control Panel and Force Field Generator
Time is ticking and every tinny mistake may prove to be crucial for a successful escape. These two apparatus are independent.
Level 4 (as Dan): Corridor of anxiety.
A few screens more to reach the Escape Pod, but there's a final thing to be done before that.
Level 4 (as Dan): The Last Detail.
Dan has to be disguised as a Treen to fool the main computer... and his comrades, but not the other Treens.
Level 4 (as Dan):
"Dan Saves the Universe!"... See that white dot? It's Dan escaping. But wait, what happened to his comrades kept inside the doomed ship?