Dan Dare III: The Escape Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Dan enters the ship
A Treen shoots at you
Tween destroyed
Putting the jet-pack to good use
One of the Mekon leaders
Get this to access the teleporter
What do you want to buy today?
The Treens are guarding the teleporter
Teleporting through space
Dan has made his way to a different level
Flip this lever and something will happen
Get the fuel can needed for the shuttle
Another Mekan leader blocks Dan's path
30 down... 20 to go
Dan loses a life
High scores

Atari ST version

From the intro: Dan is in trouble
Titles screen
The starting point
Two kinds of aliens
A refueling station
That's a big ugly alien
I'm going down
Buy upgrades
Game over
Got a high score